10 Best Android GPS tracking apps 2020

chamspy app

In this fast-paced digital world, the technology boasts many amazing benefits, including providing you with the ability to track the location of your kids and loved ones. There are many GPS trackers we can utilize to keep track of our kids and make sure they’re safe and secure. In this blog, we’ve put together a list of 10 best Android GPS tracking apps in 2020 that you can utilize to ensure your kids’ safety and gives you peace of mind.


Best GPS tracking apps for Android


  1. Chamspy

Chamspy is a feature-rich and reliable Android GPS tracking app. It allows you to track the GPS location of your kids and location history of the places they went without calling. You’ll also be able to set geofence perimeter and receive alert if your kid enters or exits the target area. The best part about Chamspy is its stealth mode. It runs in the background without triggering any notification


  • View location history and track real-time location
  • Get details like time, address, latitude and longitude
  • Set geofence and get alert when your kid arrives at target area
  • Stay hidden on target device
  • 7-day free trial period
  • No battery drain
  • Comes with many other features


  1. Find my kids

The next one the list is Find my kids. Caring parents can utilize this application to ensure their kids’ safety when they are not answering calls or not nearby. You can set to receive notifications whenever your kid leaves or reaches home or school.


  • Press the SOS button in danger
  • Easy to use
  • Monitor the battery level on children’s phone
  • Get automatic alerts when your kid arrives at a particular location


  1. Glympse

Here comes another best Android GPS tracker. It shares real-time location with a dynamic map. You also have the option to create in-app groups for better safety and security.


  • Share location in real-time
  • Provide a courtesy notice with ETA
  • Direct emergency and roadside personnel


  1. Life 360

Life 360 is an all-in-one GPS tracking app that works well on Android devices. The user can keep all the near and dear ones in the loop with its location-sharing feature. Most importantly, the app can send notifications to emergency contacts.


  • Share real-time location
  • Create private groups
  • Group chat for easy communication


  1. MapQuest

MapQuest is another Android GPS tracking app that can turn your device into a virtual assistant on your journey. It comes with voice navigation to reach your points of interest through walking or driving.


  • Optimized routing
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Multipoint routes to includes more stoppages


  1. GPS logger

GPS logger is a battery efficient and lightweight GPS tracking app that allows you to log your GPS coordinates on to an SD card file at particular intervals. After a journey, you can use these details to upload to travel sites, geotag photos or view on Google Earth.


  • Cell phone tower
  • Auto start on boot


  1. GPS phone tracker

GPS phone tracker is one of the best Android GPS tracking app to track the location of device. It utilizes the possibilities of GPS technology to assure family safety and protection. You can easily know the real-time location.


  • Get the location of your kids
  • Find your lost device


  1. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is a remarkable Android GPS tracking app to track a stolen device. By using this app, location alert can be received on a low battery and you will get notified of SIM change or number change.


  • Location alert on low battery
  • Remotely lock device
  • Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes


  1. Mobicip

Mobicip is a handy and easy to use application that tracks your kid’s location smartly. You can instantly know whether your loved one reached the school, work or home on time and be in peace.


  • Locate devices instantly
  • Set healthy limit on kid’s digital experience


  1. Family locator

Family locator is an advanced Android GPS tracking app that lets you track the location of your kids and ensure their security. It enables parents to set alerts for when their kids arrive at home or school.


  • Accurate tracking
  • Track real-time location
  • Receive alerts when they arrive at certain locations



The above Android GPS tracking apps helps you track the location of your kids and ensure their safety. Even when texting and calling are alternative options, it may not be always practical when your kids are having class or your partner is driving. Among all the options, Chamspy is the best GPS tracking app that tracks your kids’ location and gives you a detailed insight into their activities.

chamspy app

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