10 Best Cell Phone Number Tracker in 2022

Location tracking is made possible by specialized cell phone number tracker. It can be utilized by anyone with an internet connection and you’ll be able to identify the calls from unknown caller or find your lost or stolen phone. If you have ever needed to use location tracking solutions to track a cell phone but have been left unimpressed with the overwhelming majority of options available on the market, you certainly aren’t alone. Today we’ll introduce you with some mobile number tracker apps and sites to help you find any phone location online.

5 Best Phone Number Tracker Websites for Android & iPhone

A number of websites promises to provide location details of a cell phone but all of them work as advertised. We’re going to list some of the best and reliable website which really helps in tracking a cell phone number. The working principles of these websites is simple and you just need to enter the target number and the website will geolocate it and show you exact location. Let’s move further and take a closer look at location tracker websites.


TrackPhone is one of the best phone number trackers that gives you the opportunity to locate a cell phone number online. You don’t need to have any special skill or install any software. It works across multiple mobile phone operators, phone models, brands and operating systems. All you have to do is enter the targeted number in given space and it will work with GPS system and cellular signal to provide the details. The results obtained on through this website includes precise location, zip, date and timestamp. You can check the location on the map whenever you want.

GPS cell phone locator

GPS cell phone locator is designed to find the details of a phone anywhere in the world. It allows you to track mobile phones using their numbers. It does not have to be installed in the smartphone for it to operate properly. Simply enter a mobile phone number within the site and activate the search. Its system can find mobile phones of various brands and you’ll be able to track your kids or loved ones anytime and anywhere.

GPS phone tracker

This specialized online tool makes it possible to track a mobile phone using number and serve the informational needs of everyday people. It works with the largest providers of public records in the US. Upon submission of phone number, GPS phone tracker website can provide you with details such as a person’s address, full name and social media pins. You also can track anyone’s geographical position on the map. Start by entering the phone number and clicking on “search” button. Please aware that it is not possible to track real-time location of devices directly using this service and it cannot track an offline cell phone.

Trace phone number

Here comes another web-based mobile phone tracker. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this option. It works by simply entering a phone number in a specific dialog box and you can find any mobile phone anywhere in the world with one click. The website can work with various operating systems and mobile phone networks, and deliver accurate locations.

Online GPS phone tracker

Online GPS phone tracker is another popular mobile location tracker website. It is easy to set up and completely free to use. It supports a wide range of telecom operators including Reliance, Airtel and you will find out who owns a cell phone or landline number. You just need to select the country and enter the phone number, then click on Search button. Results including name, address and more will be available.

5 Best Mobile Number Tracker Apps for Android & iPhone

If you’re looking for a location tracker that offers more features, it’s advisable to have a mobile number tracker app for your smartphone. They will help you identify the location of any cell phone and no in-depth knowledge is required.

Mobile number locator

Mobille Number Locator comes in handy when you need to locate any phone number’s location and it states operators and service providers they belong to. This Android phone tracker app also provides you with the caller location of every incoming and outgoing call over the mobile phone screen. The best part about this application is it can work without an internet connection and it implements Google Maps system.

Phone tracker by number

The next one on our list is Phone Tracker By Number. This accurate and solid GPS tracker enables you to locate your mobile phones and even your family members. It enables GPS location tracking between parents and kids in a secure and private network. It is helpful when you have children to monitor when they are outside with their friends, or even at school. It should be noted that this app is only available on Android.

Number locator

Number Locator is a reliable and straightforward phone number tracker app available on the Google Play Store and App Store. You can type in the phone number and click on the search button. Once completed, you will be able to see the data on where the phone number is registered. It is more of a mobile number seeker. It displays the location of a phone number and it’s free to use.

Mobile number tracker

This popular cell phone tracker can actively deliver the identity deatils of people situated in your local area. What makes it particularly attractive is it has a built-in map with an embedded global positioning system. It’s free to download and you even can make use of it without an internet connection.It also can process numbers with various registration statuses. Examples of these are state, GSM and CDMA.

Mobile number tracker location

It is the perfect anser to all your phone number related queries. With the help of this iPhone tracker app, you can track your family in real-time and check thei location history. You can even get the operator and network details of any mobile number located worldwide. For best results, the number you are searching for must have this application installed. Also, location services should be turned on. You can start using Mobile number tracker location by simply entering the mobile number from the home screen.

How to choose a cell phone number tracker?

When choosing a mobile number tracker, you should make sure it’s compatible with your smartphone for better performance and ease of accessibility. If it works with your mobile phone, you can see how it works for you. For instance, reverse phone lookup service also supports phone number tracking and delivers results including name, address and social media pins. But precise location of a phone number can not be available through such device.

Moreover, some phone number trackers track a cell phone based on IP address while providing you with approximate location. It’s better to employ a solution that combines with GPS satellites to offer accurate location. Do note that GPS-enabled smartphones are typically accurate to within a 4.9m radius under open sky. However, accuracy worsens near buildings, bridges and trees.


Here’s a wrap for 10 best cell phone number trackers available on the market. We hope this article has helped you in any way it can to track someone you care about, pinpoint a lost cell phone or prevent unsolicited calls from unknown numbers bothering you. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the above mentioned options can serve your exact purpose and they are easy to use.