3 Best Ways to Find a Lost Samsung in 2022

Long gone are those days when only law enforcement and government can make use of GPS tracking system to identify the location of an object. Company based solutions from the phone market makes it possible to locate a cell phone. One of the phones you can easily find is Samsung. If your Samsung phone gets lost or stolen, the following options can help you out and save you time and effort. Let’s explore it together.

How to find my Samsung phone using Find My Device?

Find My Device feature is available for any Android device, including Samsung phone. It gives you the ability to remotely locate, ring, lock or even erase the device. It can be accessed if the Find My Device app on your Samsung phone has been given permission to view your location. Before you track a lost Samsung phone, you must first ensure that the phone you are looking for has the location service enabled and you have the Google account associated with the target phone in your memory. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Step 1. Go to google.com/android/find from any Android-powered device
  • Step 2. Log into your Google account
  • Step 3. Select the Samsung phone from the list of devices associated with the same account
  • Step 4. If you have previously enabled the location feature on your Samsung phone, you should be able to view its current location on the map.

If the cell phone is turned off, the location information will not be available. To protect your data, you can click the lock icon and input a message and a recovery phone number. Moreover, you can wipe the data on the phone to prevent someone from accessing your information.

How to find my Samsung phone using Find My Mobile?

Find My Mobile lets you locate your lost or stolen phone. This process is somehow similar to Find My Device process for Android phone. Once you find it, you can back up your data in the cloud, lock the phone and even block its access. Just like in Android, it’s advisable for you to set it up while you have the phone. Simply go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Find My Mobile and enable all features. Once done, you can follow these steps to find your lost or stolen phone.

  • Step 1. Visit https://findmymobile.samsung.com/
  • Step 2. Log into your Samsung account when prompted
  • Step 3. Select the phone you wish to access and continue to the next step
  • Step 4. If your phone is turned on, it will load the current location and you will see the map in the middle.

But if the smartphone is switched off, the place will not show. You’re also given options to take several actions on the phone remotely. You’ll be able to lock the phone, ring remotely, erase the data and backup the stored files. The actions you can take depends on the Samsung model.

How to track a lost Samsung with TrackPhone?

Another reliable solution you can check out is TrackPhone mobile number tracker. This web-based service can help you locate a cell phone by number. You can check for details about a phone or someone’s location. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS device, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this feature. As such, you can follow this simple guide to get started.

  • Visit viespy.com and create your account
  • Enter the phone number you wish to geolocate
  • Enter the number to receive the result
  • Click “find location”
  • Once the phone is located, it shows precise geographic location on the map.

It tracks the location of Samsung phone by activating the GPS module on the phone. You can get the location details such as the street, city and state and timestamp. It also supports satellite view so you can check the visual location. However, If the cell phone is offline, it may not work properly.

What to do if your phone is turned off?

Google Timeline can also be a very effective method to locate a misplaced phone. Even if your Samsung phone is not powered on or the battery is completely dead, you can use the location history data to determine the last recorded location. This service also employs GPS for tracking, exclusively collects location data using cell tower IDs and WiFi location detection.

In particular, Google Timeline can track your phone location on a regular basis over an extended period of time. Even if someone stoles it, you would be able to identify frequently visited locations, which could be the thief’s home or place of business. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Navigate to Your Timeline and check that the current day is selected in the calendar.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, you can view a comprehensive timeline of that day, including the names of all locations that were recorded. Located on the right are all of the locations that have been visualized on a map.

Closing thoughts

These are three effective methods you might employ in order to find a lost Samsung phone. You can either utilize official methods to remotely locate your cell phone, or access a phone number tracker. Particularly, TrackPhone does not require a preliminary setup before it can be used to track down a lost phone. Simply enter the phone number and go ahead!