3 Feasible Ways To Locate Phone Location—2022 Guide

Nothing can be worse than losing our cell phones. The financial loss might be secondary, but the data loss should be the one that thumps us. Indeed, no matter how careful we take care of our cell phones, we might miss our cell phones. This means that we have to endure the uncertainty and risks of losing and leaking our information on our cell phones. Finding someone’s location might sound as annoying as locating a lost phone. You are hanging your heart until you have known your loved ones are secure. Therefore, believe it or not, there have been situations where we are in great need to find phone location. Fortunately, we will update some feasible ways to save you from these unforeseen risks. Let’s check these methods!

How can phone location tracking technology help us?

As we have mentioned above, phone location tracking technology has wide application in tracking phone location when we find our cell phone missing. That’s the reason why both Android and iOS have both come with their default phone locator to make it more convenient for users to track current phone location. At the same time, with the help of a built-in phone tracking service, you will be able to protect the security of data remotely.

Another case here is that phone location tracking technology can help you greatly when you need to keep in touch with your family and friends when they hang out for a party, trip, and so on. In addition, it can be an effective method to facilitate your gathering with friends in a crowded place. With the help of location trackers, you will be able to gain peace of mind and be free from worries about the safety of your loved ones!

Another situation is that you can track the unknown text sender by phone number. To save yourself from disruption, you can locate the phone number and figure out whether it is a phone scam.

3 viable ways to locate phone location in 2022:

Blessed by advanced technology, ways of mounting numbers have enabled us to locate the position of a cell phone. Let’s have a glance at these easy and proven ways!

Way 1: Reverse lookup tools

The reverse phone number lookup service is easy to access. If you unnecessarily know the real-time location of someone, a reverse lookup service can be greatly useful for you. Reverse lookup tools like Whitepages allow you to grasp a full picture of someone’s basic information like home address, educational background, family relationship, and so on. The web-based service is backed up by a vast database of aggregated public data from public records, social media accounts, and more. You should note that the reverse lookup tools can just provide you with approximate location information rather than real-time location information. Want to know if the number is a phone scam, you can just check more detailed information about the phone number on the lookup tools.

Way 2: Native phone locators

Nowadays, smartphones have GPS receivers. Therefore, mobile brands have launched their default phone locators, which enable people to track their phone location effortlessly. Commonly speaking, the native phone locators have preinstallation on the mobile devices, which lets people activate the service directly on their mobile phones. The phone locators are designed for tracking and protecting your cell phone. Once you have logged in to the account, you will be able to track the current location of a cell phone.

Furthermore, the native phone services empower you to manage the cell phone remotely. For example, you can lock the screen to prevent people from misusing your cell phone. If you are afraid of losing valuable data, and ensuring that your cell phone won’t get back to your hand, you can choose to erase the data on your cell phone. However, a flaw of the native location service is that you need to know about the account of someone if you want to track his location by phone location, which might pertain to privacy issues.

Way 3: Phone number trackers

A phone number tracker might be really a good way to best both worlds. On one hand, phone number trackers enable you to track real-time phone location rather than an approximate home address. On the other hand, the services allow you to determine current phone location by just a phone number. With the combination of GPS capabilities and cellular signal, phone number trackers like Viespy enables you to detect the precise location of a cell phone. You don’t have to experience the troublesome steps of location tracking. Instead, you will have a hassle-free tracking procedure on a web-based service like Viespy. Just type in the phone number, then an easy click on the ” Locate” button can bring you to the wonderland of location tracking.

The user-friendly interface and anonymous tracking process have amazed the vast majority of people. Therefore, phone number trackers are bound to have a more bright perspective in the near future.

It is possible to track a cell phone if is off?

A fact that we must admit is that although it is easier for you to track a cell phone which is on, there are still ways for you to locate an off cell phone. If your cell phone is turned off, the last seen location will be updated on the digital map. Once the cell phone has been switched on and connected to the Internet, the tool will again track the current phone location. Other tools like Google Maps might record the location history, which gives you some hints about the location of your cell phone. Therefore, it is possible for you to track the latest location of a cell phone before it is off!


If you are searching for quick ways to track current phone location, this post must be worth reading. We have covered 3 workable ways of tracking phone location. There might not be an absolute answer to the best one, but you can choose the most suitable one according to your actual demands!