3 Unique Ways to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

Losing your iPhone can be a nightmare, especially when you store valuable information on it. It’s no wonder that you turned the whole house upside and down looking for your smartphone. You even retrace your steps and wonder if you misplaced it on a table of the restaurant. However, it shows no sign of your cell phone. If you or someone in your household has landed in a related concern, then don’t worry. There are several ways to help you find a lost or stolen iPhone. Many of them are easy to set up and there is no in-depth knowledge needed. Learn reliable ways listed here to track an iPhone by phone number instantly.

Is it possible to track an iPhone using phone number?

Yes, tracking an iPhone location by number is possible with some tools online. While many of those options are working solutions, there are also clickbaits and scam in the list. When choosing a online iPhone tracker, one should be cautious. Moreover, not all the iPhone tracking solutions work in the same way. Some require you to install the location tracking app on the iPhone, others may even require jailbreaking the iPhone. However, the following methods can work without having to jailbreak the iPhone. You’ll be able to track an iPhone without any hassle and get instant result.

How to track an iPhone using Find My iPhone?

Apple device comes with inbuilt phone retrieval technology called Find My iPhone. It allows you to locate a lost cell phone and you would be surprised at how beneficial it can be. You can send a message to the iPhone to notify the current holder that the phone is lost, establish a password to lock it. If your iPhone is lost somewhere in your house, you can make it ring to find it. You even can erase the data if you give up hope on retrieving your phone. However, you should enable “Find My iPhone” prior to phone theft or loss. If you are wondering how to track an iPhone location, you can follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser and go to icloud.com
  • Sign into your iCloud account
  • Select the lost device from the menu
  • The screen will display a circle around the area where your iPhone is located, and will zoom in if necessary.

How to track an iPhone by phone number?

Even if you do not enable Find My iPhone option, there are still options to track an iPhone location. Identifying the precise location of your iPhone is attainable via phone number trackers. Whenever you type in a phone number, it starts doing its magic and shows you the location information of the phone number. Here we’ll introduce you with three online iPhone tracker by mobile number:


TrackPhone is one of the most effective and easy-to-use online iPhone trackers. The best part is that you don’t need to download or install any software. It is a simple location tracking system and doesn’t make you go through any surverys or clickbaits too. It lets you track a cell phone by number, regardless of operators, brand or cell phone OS your choose. It works with GPS system and cellular signal to enhance location accuracy. All you have to do is type in the phone number and click “find location”. It shows the precise location in the form of map that supports zooming in and out.

GPS cell phone locator

Here comes another online phone tracker by mobile number. With the help of this solution, you can find out your lost iPhone anywhere in the world. You don’t need to download it on any device to locate a lost iPhone. Finding a cell phone is easy with its one-click process. Simply enter the phone number in the text field and select the “search phone number” option.

Online GPS phone tracker

Similar to the above-mentioned option, this mobile phone tracking solution is simple and convenient. It supporta all telecom operators and there is no need to install any third-party app on your device. You’ll be able to track iPhone location anytime and anywhere. No technical step in the process is needed.

How to track an iPhone by reverse phone lookup?

Another way to track an iPhone by phone number is using reverse phone lookup service such as Spokeo. This reverse phone lookup enables you to search records associated with a cell phone number. You can go to “phone” tab and enter the phone number to be traced. Then click “search now” to being iPhone location tracking. It will help in location tracking of the iPhone, find the iPhone’s address history and other valuable information. However, this option will only show you the approximate location of the phone.

Final thoughts

In the unfortunate case that your iPhone gets lost or stolen, it’s better to act quickly and increase the chances of getting your device back. If you have Find My iPhone enabled, you can log into iCloud account and track your iPhone location easily. Even if this app is not installed or pre-enabled in your phone, phone number tracker or reverse phone lookup can help you track an iPhone. Simply enter the phone number to get started!