Best 3 Alternatives Of Zenly

The popularity of location tracking tools is prompting more and more people to view the real-time location of their family and family on mobile devices. Zenly is one of the representatives, and it has great appeal to people, particularly teens around the world. The craze of Zenly mainly lies in its capacity of viewing one’s exact location and exchanging messages and emojis through a digital map. However, Zenly has been charged with privacy invasion and online safety. If you are looking for remedies for the app, you are in the right position. This post will ensure you the top-listed solutions!

An overview of Zenly:

If you have a closer look at Zenly, you might understand why it is so prevailing among tweens. Some appealing functions can include:

  1. Locate someone by phone location in real time  on a digital map
  2. See the battery of others’ cell phones. You can know the battery of your friend depletes.
  3. Message friends, send photos and emojis to each other

Kids are surprised and delighted to see their friends’ real-time whereabouts on the map, which can reveal to friends whether users are at home, at work, or in school. The location will be updated on the map based on the location history. If you want to see the location of your friend, you just need to send an invitation to your friends. Once accepted, you will be able to see the real-time location of your friends on the digital map. However, the app has been under the spotlight, for reports have acclaimed that the app shares location information without the consent of users, which leads to privacy invasion. Therefore, if you are searching for a safe way to track a cell phone, think about it twice! Or you deserve to have other options.

Best 3 alternatives of Zenly:

Getting access to a reliable tool for you to track a cell phone is a stepping store. Despite a large number of phone number trackers available in the market, some of the tools are offering low-quality service. The bogus trackers might result in financial loss and time-wasting. Therefore, this section is here to help you save time and money! The following tools are listed as the most superior alternatives to Zenly. Let’s dive into them!

Alternative 1: Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid can be a comprehensive phone management tool for Android devices. Apart from tracking a cell phone, it can also protect against theft from misusing your cell phone. Have a glance at some functions of Where’s My Droid:

  1. Locate a cell phone by offering a current location
  2. Remote screen lock to cut off the someone’s approach to accessing your cell phone
  3. Theft detection and prevention
  4. Alert on SIM card removal
  5. Remotely wipe SD card and reform factory reset

Above are the basic functions of the free version. The considerate tool has launched an elite plan to meet diverse requirements. With the premium subscription plan, you are empowered to enjoy more functions apart from the basic ones. For example, you can set the geofence, get an alert before you install a new app, view contact remotely, and so on.

Cost: Free for a basic plan, and $0.99/month for a premium one

Workability: Only on Android 4.4 or later

Alternative 2: Phone tracker by number

Phone tracker by number is a free phone number tracker, which allows you to track a cell phone via GPS. The application can work smoothly on iOS devices, which allows to locate a cell phone with an accurate location on a map and check complete location history. People praise it highly for its efficient battery use and high accuracy of mobile tracking. Highlights of the tool can contain:

  1. Locate a cell phone without delay
  2. Instant notifications if someone leaves a specific place
  3. View a complete location history

Price: Free

Workability: Sole on iOS 11.0 or later

Alternative 3: Viespy

Viespy is a robust phone number locator which can locate any phone within 5 seconds on the Internet. It indicates that you can locate phone location without software installation, which is a more convenient way. The exclusive phone number tracker has done the best job on location tracking. It ensures you a precise, quick and safe tracking location service. The following strengths of Viespy can help have a full understanding of this specialized online phone locator:

  1. No restrictions on mobile brands, models, and carriers
  2. Utter freedom to locate any phone around the world
  3. No need to install any additional application on your cell phone
  4. Non-stop customer support and help from the technical team
  5. Complete anonymous phone number tracker
  6. Cross-platform operation

Viespy can support you to track unlimited cell phones on the Internet, and the tool will do the rest job after you have offered a phone number. The tool can be awesome. If you are worried about your kids being late from home from school or want to find out if your spouse is busy at the office, you can just locate them by phone number online within 5 seconds. Also, you can locate your lost phone. The phone locator will not store any of your information, and you can feel at ease in both location tracking and privacy protection.

Price: $0.99 for a trial period

Workability: Any mobile brands and models



Tracking phone location in real time can be an easy task in the digital era, for many options are on our hands. However, it is also not as simple as you think, for you should prioritize online security. Therefore, you should choose the safest, fastest, and most effective tool to locate a cell phone. You can leave your comments under our blog if you have any other recommendations!