Best 5 Ways to Find Friends on Facebook by Location

Wish to look up friends on Facebook by location? or want to share your location with people you know or love? Now you can! In this digital age, finding someone’s location on Facebook or sharing a location between friends it’s not as hard as it sounds be anymore. Just stop searching Google how to find friends’ locations on Facebook, check out all the effective methods in this post below.

How to find friends on Facebook by location?

1. Nearby Friends

Facebook lets you find friends’ locations through their phones. The “Nearby Friends” feature is offered by Facebook that will allow users to find people’s locations on Facebook. Simply activate or deactivate the Nearby Friends at any time and limit who sees your location. However, it’s crucial to note that both the user and their friends should turn on the Nearby Friends and share the location to get it to work.

With the Nearby Friends function, you can not only find your friends’ precise locations on Facebook but also can choose to share your location with them about where you are or will be on a map. Moreover, when you activate the feature, this Nearby Friends service will regularly send you notifications to advise you to come closer to friends. And, those notifications will keep displaying in your news feed until you as what they said.

2. Location History

The Facebook location history can be easily tracked with the help of user data collected by the social media web. For this method to work, make sure that you know the described process is only available for PC and Mac devices.

If you want to use this method to find friends’ locations, you can navigate to official and log in to your Facebook account. Then, click on the arrow at the top right corner of the homepage. Continue to hit on the Settings option at the top menu, and tap on the Location button. Later, you will see the option View Your Location History in the panel and you click on it. In this step, the password relevant to your friends’ Facebook accounts will be required to type in the search box. Lastly, you can have access to view the location of previous days.

3. Live Location Sharing

Still can’t find a way out? Well, in addition to the above-mentioned methods, there is another effective one for you to have a try. In this process, Facebook makes full use of its Messenger app, where users can share locations with friends at any time and anywhere. To tell the truth, this is also very convenient for people who take privacy seriously as it only allows the user to view locations at the other end of conversations and the live locations will be turned off automatically if you have pre-programmed a set time.

4. Location Tags and #Hashtags

Search for a location tag of someone you know or love on your friend’s list and their location will show up. And, the most common way to discover a location tag is by checking the Facebook Stories. Although this is not the most reliable way of discovering the location currently when the image was originally posted. What’s more, there also comes the problem of the location tag providing an incorrect location as the users can post any location at will. But, it’s still worth a try.

If a location tag has been published on one of the images, you can just tap on it and choose show location and have it displayed on your smartphone screen. Then, click on the tag text and you will be directed to Google Maps and see the target’s location.

5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another particular feature to track someone’s location, making it easier for people who wish to meet up with friends by following friends to share their locations. However, it may fail to work when the target user disables the location-sharing service on Facebook Messenger on the phone.

To use this method to find the location, you need to open up a chat dialog through Facebook Messenger from your friend’s list and tap on the four dots at the bottom left of your screen. Then, click on Location. From this process, just choose Select Live Location and your friends will be able to view your current location. And, in turn, they can share their location with you.


After going through this article, you must have a better understanding of how to find friends on Facebook by location. With a little bit of sharing on both ends, you can easily pinpoint someone’s whereabouts. Was this post helpful? If so, please do remember to share it with your friends and family!