Best Three Methods To Locate Your Phone Via Google Account—2022 Guide

The equipment of GPS on your cell phone has made it easier for you to locate your phone. Once our devices have a connection with the network, the GPS on our cell phones will automatically locate your phone. Along with the further advance in GPS positioning technology, many brands are proposing ways and tools to track a cell phone for meeting people’s demands. The past decades have witnessed Google’s rise to track a cell phone in various ways. If you are searching for ways to locate your device via Google, you can just navigate the post thoroughly. You are bound to find out the satisfying answers here!

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Methods for you to track a cell phone via Google Account:

Google is offering several easy-to-use methods to track a cell phone, here we will list the best three methods for you. The below three resorts prove to work smoothly and effectively while locating your phone.

Method 1: Tap into Google Find My Device

Find My Device can be one of the “regular guests” for Android customers, which removes some barriers when you want to find your lost phone. Aside from locating your phone, Find My Device has handy features including “Play A Sound” “Lock” and “Erase Data”, which are designed to protect your data security. Before you track a cell phone with Find My Device, you should check the configuration of your cell phone first:

  1. Your cell phone has a connection to your Google account
  2. You can be accessible on the Internet
  3. You have allowed Find My Device to locate your cell phone
  4. Your location service has been activated

Google has rendered you an entry to Find My Device, so that you can track a cell phone via your Google account:

  1. Visit and sign up with your Google account
  2. You will see the list of devices that link with your Google account
  3. Select the one you want to track
  4. Now, you will be able to track your cell phone

Note: You are entitled to track a cell phone on Find My Device with the same steps.

Method 2: Use Google Maps to track your cell phone

Google Maps can be a suitable way for way if you want to enjoy a comprehensive location service without any cost. As Google Maps records your location history via “Your Timeline”, you can locate your phone by thinking back to the places where you go in the past few days. “Your timeline” is a private feature that is only available to you. Therefore, it ensures the safety of you to track a cell phone through Google Maps. Also, there are some preconditions before you use Google Maps to locate your cell phone:

  1. Your device has been connected to your Google account
  2. An enabled Location Reporting
  3. Your device has the network connection

You can follow the below steps and track a cell phone via a Google account on Google Maps:

  1. Enter
  2. Tab on the three horizontal lines on the left-top corner, and then choose “Your timeline”
  3. Launch the map with your Google account, and you will be capable of seeing the location history
  4. Choose the time and date in the left bar. The timeline will then show your device’s previous location, helping you find your device

You can trace back your location history in this way, but you might be unable to track a cell phone in no time. If you are desirous of tracking your phone in real time, this method can’t suit your need.

Method 3: Track a cell phone via a Google account

This way works similarly to “Your Timeline”. The Google account will show you when was the last time your cell phone has an enabled Internet. Therefore, you can estimate the time you lost your phone via the location and time it shows you. Follow the steps and you will know how you can track phone location via your Google account:

  1.  Enter the browser and log in to your Google account
  2. Tab on “Device Activity & Notifications”
  3. In this section, you will see a list of devices connected to your Google account in “Recently used devices”
  4. Choose “Review devices”, tap on the device you want to track and view the last location, time, and date

With the above four steps, you can track phone location via your Google account without extra effort.

Explore more: Benefits of tracking phone location 

In the above section, we have discussed the ease of locating your phone with a Google account. However, we can explore more benefits of tracking phone location:

  1. Being a phone finder, helping you locate a cell phone without delay
  2. Being a guardian of your loved ones, becoming a recorder and detective that records every movement of your loved ones including kids and spouses
  3. Being a monitor of your employees, enabling you to monitor whether they are working at the office during working time (Some companies are taking advantage of phone location tracking to improve their delivery efficiency and plan better routes.
  4. More potential: Some call centers can locate emergency calls via a cell phone number, which can save a life.

Final thoughts: 

So, there you have captured the best three ways to track a cell phone via Google account. We are expecting your comments and the subscription to our blog!