Can I Locate My Underage Children in 5 minutes and Keep 100% Confidential?

Nowadays, our children are enpowered more and more freedom and excitement to hang out with their friends. On one hand, children have a more colorful teenage life. On the other hand, children are also surrounded by more unknown dangers. However, fast pace of our work life don’t allow us to accompany our kids for all time, which make us feel helpless and annoyed. The safety of children is the top priority of parents. For small kids, we might wonder whethe  they have arrived home safely or not. For our teenage kids, we might wonder where they go with their friends. As modern parents, we are worried and we expect an easy answer to reduce our doubts. So are there any ways that can help us locate our underage children in 5 minutes and keep 100% confidential? The answer is yes. Let’s dive into the solution.

Solution 1:Google Map

A free and easy way to catch up with our children’s whereabouts is Google map. Google map allows you to share the location with others for an hour or for a certain time. The free solution enables us to track our children’s whereabouts if you get children’s permission. Both Cellphones and desktops can check the Google Map. You don’t even type the phone number, and your worry will be erased. It all works within the Google Maps app, so we don’t need to download additional software or pay any fees. Google Map is considered as a powerful tool that can be applied to different situations aside from parental control. For example, it can be applied to meet-up between friends and couples, which can help people find each other.

Solution 2: Find My Phone

Compared with Google map, Find My phone can only used by iphones. So Find my phone is only an option if both parents and children have iPhones. The app displays the location on Apple Maps.  The app is preinstalled on iPhones and uses GPS to track the location of children. Aside from tracking the location of your children, it can also help you a lot when you lost you iPhone, ipad, Apple watch or other products of Apple.

So if your child owns an iPhone and you’re in dire need of locating them, you can do it by accessing their iCloud. This possibility is available for any iPhone, but you need to know the credentials. The iCloud monitoring feature makes it possible to find out the phone owner’s location.

To start monitoring your child’s iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Log in to iCloud using a target device’s credentials;
  • Click Find my iPhone;
  • Go to an interactive map and choose the device;
  • Find out a target person’s location.

Solution 3:Cellphone Number Tracker

The above ways might require our children’s requirements, or we can not track their location. However, sometimes our children might be unwilling to expose their location to us. They consider it as a kind of invasion of privacy. But children’s privacy is the most paramount for any of parent. Cellphone number locator like Trackphone might be another available solution to this dilemma. As a reliable and comprehensive phone number tracker, it can provide you with the lastest location of your children and keep 100% confidential. More features can be included as followed.

  • Ease of use, the cellphone number locator will locate your children once you enter the cellphone number locator
  • Keep 100% confidential, Trackphone can keep us anonymous, which enables us to track our children without worrying.
  • No need to download software

With phone number tracker, it will be more convenient for us to find our underage children. Many of us might find it difficult to choose from increasing number of parental control spy tools. But many of them require you to download an app either on your phone or phone of your children. Trackphone enables you to view the location of your kids without updating any softwares. What’s more, it has a stealth feature to work unnoticed, so it’s a great way to know more about your kids. You can follow the instructions to stop worrying about your kids’ safety issue.

  • Type in the number you want to geolocate
  • Make the payment by credit card
  • Enter your phone number to receive the geolocation result
  • View the location on the map

Final thoughts

Actually Raising kids in this digital era is not easy, and cellphone number locators are favorable option for us to view our kids’ whereabouts and proect them remotely. Hope the Trackphone can help you solve the problems and remove your anxiety.