Can We Still Be Tracked If The Phone Location Services are Turned Off?

It’s well known that all smartphone on the market has come with built-in location services and are widely adopted for various purposes. But, here comes the question, what if you don’t want to share your location data with someone anymore? Or if you have disabled the location service on your device, can you still be tracked? Just stop googling all these questions on the internet because this post will offer you the best answer.

Scroll down and find out more info about whether your phone can be located after you disable the location services.

Can Your Phone Still Be Tracked If The Location Services Are Off?

The short answer to this question: Absolutely, Yes. Simply turning off the location services on your device does not always mean that it’s untraceable these days. With the advancement of digital technology, the market offers us a lot of options when we come to location tracking solutions.

I have to tell you the truth: turning off the built-in location service does do a great favor in protecting your location information. But, trackers are still can use other technologies and techniques to access your device location even without an active location service.

Methods to Track a Phone Without GPS

However, you need to know that turning off the location services on your device only works to keep your phone location hidden in some cases. In the next section, we have brought several technologies to track a device whether it is location services are on or off. Now, let’s deep in and talk about some of them.

1. Through Call Carrier Service

A call carrier tower can be seen everywhere. It helps to track your phone by identifying the tower you have connected to and calculating the time delay, which a signal takes to tour around between the tower and your phone. Then, the delay time will be determined and converted into a quite accurate phone location.

What’s more, this method works well if your phone keeps in good touch with one of the cell towers nearby.

2. Via Wi-Fi Networks

Public free Wi-Fi networks have almost coverage for every corner of the world. They are convenient to use and you can connect one when you have a poor cellular connection. But here is the thing: A public network can be another way your phone be tracked without knowledge, despite the location services turned off. Oh, you may wonder: how is this possible?

Most free Wi-Fi providers will secretly collect your device’s media access control address once you have made the internet connection. Those carriers will make use of your phone’s MAC (media access control) address to keep a history of the places you visited when you are linked to the hotpot of the same network provider.

Bonus Tip: Other Ways to Locate a Phone with Phone Number

Besides the cases when you are being tracked, using a tracking app has various advantages for you and your family. Of course, the app you selected needs to be well tested and is secure to use. I gonna say if I have to track a phone, it has to be the Viespy phone number tracker. It’s simple, easy, and works well. And this is also why we introduce this app here and you should truly consider using a tracking application.

If you head over to, you’ll see how mobile location works and how it can be helpful. To make this more clear, we have done some work on it and shortlisted several situations where it can help.

  • Find a lost phone;
  • Keep kids safe;
  • Share location information;
  • Track location in real-time;
  • Protect personal data.

Please Kindly Note: For this method to work, the mobile needs to connect to the internet, and location service has to enable on phone.

How Do We Prevent Unwanted Phone Tracking?

Apart from the ways to track a phone location, we still bring you the tips and tricks to prevent the tracking of your device.

Firstly, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi availability when you go to public places. By doing so, you won’t be bothered again by unwanted connections or receive unnecessary information. Additionally, you should turn off the GPS option on your device since you can stop some ways of being tracked. Lastly, a VPN (virtual private network) network software will be of great help to protect your phone since the IP address will not be easily reached by using this method.

Final Thoughts

As you have noticed, some of the mentioned methods come in handy when you don’t know where your phone is. After reading this post, you must know how to track or locate a phone and act as soon as possible, without using the GPS services on phone.

Hopefully, you find all these helpful for you to track a phone. Please let us know in the below box if you have any questions.