Can Your Location Be Tracked with Your Phone Number?

The short answer is Yes, the fact is that: anyone with your cell phone number can track your GPS location.

In this digital age where everyone owns a mobile device in their pockets. The smartphone that we carry everywhere with us in our pockets is also one of the robust tracking devices that can be used to track down your current position, regardless of whether or not the GPS is turned on. For instance, law enforcement, advertising agencies, and hackers can track your location without you noticing. If you have been randomly hearing about how you can be easily tracked, it is true!

Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

Tracking a person’s location is fairly easy as long as you have their phone number! As we said earlier, anyone with your cell phone number can track your GPS location. In the previous days, tracking someone’s location required you to install a GPS tracker on their vehicle, now, tracking a cell phone location with just a phone number alone is completely possible! Regardless of whether you use an Android or iPhone, tracking you without your knowledge can be easily done. The only requirement is to guide you to click a link or download an app.

As a matter of fact, you can find many various tracking services on the internet and market. For instance, most cell phone carriers offer services that can be used to share your location between friends and family members. Moreover, some spy apps even allow you to catch a cheating spouse, sounds cool, right? If you are keen on learning more about how to track someone with a phone number, all you need is a phone tracking tool!

Regarding the Phone Tracking Services

Let’s discuss the phone tracking apps in this part. Apple’s Find My app and Android’s Google Maps make it handy for tracking family members and friends. Well, you may also wonder can someone track your phone number without your permission? Absolutely!

Unlock fancy phone tracking services such as TrackPhone offering options to track the location of a cell phone – be it an Android or iOS phone for both a 48 hours trial and a monthly feed. Here is how the phone number tracker carries out location:

  1. Enter a cell phone number to track on the official TrackPhone website;
  2. The site sends a text to the target device with a link.
  3. If the target device owner clicks the link, their phone’s location appears on a map.

The biggest advantage of using this tracking tool is that there is no app or software required, and the target device holder will never find out that clicking a link gives someone access to track them.

Is a Phone Number Tracker Safe to Use?

As you know by now, a phone tracking tool can be of huge help for concerned parents watching over their children, particularly for teens and new drivers. However, some of the free apps available on the market also come with potential security risks.

So, you should be very cautious when choosing the right tool to track someone’s location. We would like to recommend you the TrackPhone mentioned above as this service complies with GDPR, and the geolocation system will activate only with the consent of the requested person. Using a service like TrackPhone, your family would also have to opt-in and give permission to the tracking, or you would opt in on behalf of your minor child.

How Can You Protect Yourself from GPS Tracking?

Basically, there are two main ways to protect yourself from GPS tracking, below are our recommendations for your reference:

  1. Turn off location services;
  2. Use encrypted messaging apps;
  3. Know who has access to your phone;
  4. Keep your phone in a Faraday sleeve.

By doing so, you are sure to be able away from any forms of privacy invasion and protect your vital data in all aspects.


Nowadays, it is easier to keep tabs on a mobile phone in real time and even route the entire movement history of a target phone with the help of the above services. In just a few easy steps, you can know where someone is and where they’ve been on the above tools. As for our recommendations, we feel pretty good about recommending TrackPhone to you. It is very easy to use and helps you retrieve current and past GPS locations accurately via a reader-friendly dashboard online. What do you think of this post? In case you have any doubts or suggestions, please feel free to drop your comments below!