Easy guide: How to track someone by phone number?

The thought of losing contact with your loved ones can be scary. While knowing the whereabouts of people close to us can give us peace of mind. Thankfully, tracking someone’s location has been made easy thanks to fantastic geolocation services. You even can do this by just entering the phone number. Read on to learn how.

Can I locate someone by their cell phone number?

Yes, getting someone’s location by phone number is possible if you take the right tools. If you a fan of latest technology, you may be familiar with phone tracker by number and reverse phone lookup service. Each method has its pros and cons, and you can pick up that suits your requirements.

Top 3 reasons to track someone’s location

Location tracking apps or services can be used to locate a person or an object. There are times when you need to keep track of your family and keep connected. It could you be your underage kids, spouse who travels frequently or elderly family member. You’ll be able to know their current location and get peace of mind.

The same goes for you to track your employees. As employee management can be a challenging task, business owner can access a GPS cell phone tracker to keep an eye on their employees. You can make sure your employees do not slack off during working hours.

Chances that you are busy at work but receiving unknown calls. It could be annoying telemarketers, rivals and even scammers. By tracking the unknown caller, you can know where the call is made and take appropriate action.

How to track someone by cell phone number?

A handful of options are available online for you to choose from. However, not all of them deliver guaranteed result and some of them are malicious links. To get a reliable solution, you should consider factors including ease of use, location accuracy, compatibility and even operators. To help you make right decision, we’ve put together reliable methods to help track someone by cell phone number. Take a closer look at these options.

Phone number tracker

Instead of going through complicated procedures, you can consider phone number tracker that combines ease of use and high performance. TrackPhone, BuddyLocator, Celltrack are among reliable location tracker. By working with global positioning system and cellular signal, users can just enter the phone number to carry out location tracking process. Once the GPS chip on the smartphone is activated, you’ll be supplied with precise location on an interactive map.

It can be used to locate your family member, friend or even employee. No matter which cell service provider, operating system or cell phone brand, these geolocation services will come in handy. The best thing about this option is you don’t have to install any special software. Simply type in the phone number and get started!

Reverse phone number lookup service

Another way to track someone’s location is taking the assistance of reverse phone lookup. It has the ability to track down a cell phone number, regardless of Android or iOS devices. For instance, WhitePages, BeenVerifier and Spokeo can help you lookup a phone number easily. Detailed information including the owner’s name, address and social media profiles.

With this solution, users can know who and where the unknown call is made. All of reverse phone lookup service are entirely anonymous. However, the limitations of this option is it only can show you a general area location. It can’t track someone’s location in real-time.

Cellular service provider

One of the last resorts to track a person by phone number is contact cell carriers. They can track a phone location by identifying the towers the person’s connected to and measuring the time delay that a signal takes to make a round trip between the towers and your phone. This delay is then calculated and converted into a specific distance or range, which returns a fairly precise phone location.

Can I track a person without them knowing?

The short answer is yes, phone number tracker and reverse phone lookup service allow you to stay anonymous. The person will not know they are being tracked. However, it’s advisable to put these services into good use.

Wrapping up

We’ve covered three reliable ways to track someone by cell phone number. You can know where your family members are located and arrange outdoor activities or keep them safe. No technical background is required in these solutions. Just enter the phone number and find someone’s location!


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