Effective Tools and Tips to Track Your Employees Performance

Employee tracking is of great vital to ensure that your business is operating efficiently and is working on the track. In addition, measuring employee performance is also a way to keep a tab on their work skills and capabilities. In this case, if a company fails to give productivity as much as it needs, it will be unable for it to retain business in the market.

So, for today’s post, we will highlight the various tools that will help you to monitor employees’ activities. Here we have sorted out some tools for your convenience.

Importance of Employee Performance Tracking

Let’s start with the significance of employee tracking in the workplace below:

  • Promote employee performance and efficiency
  • Improve workplace productivity
  • Encourage creativity at work
  • Cultivate a sense of responsibility

Tips to Track Your Employees

1. Goal Setting

It’s necessary for a company to set a realistic goal to improve employees’ performance because when workers understand what is expected from them and the roles they are playing on a team. Make sure that they are not working with overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. Instead of an unrealistic goal setting, try to opt for Time Locator to keep track of each worker’s accomplishment. It will help you check out employees’ productivity and their time management. Thus, you can manage your team and supervise the entire productivity more effectively.

2. Smart Work

To run a business successfully, the secret is to work smarter but not harder. Well, that makes sense. The employee should learn about and pay more attention to keeping a good balance between hard work and smart work. By doing so, employees will excel in their job and responsibilities. Give a piece of advice to your employees and ask them to follow the smart goal plan with the help of Todoist. It will help them become more efficient and more productive, thus, enhancing employee performance and helping the company to achieve greater success.

Tools to Track Your Employees

1. Time Locator

Time locator, also known as time management software, offers a real-time tracking feature and helps to track the tasks and time usage. It is a great tool for employees productivity tracking and helps companies to monitor the team’s time management and the entire productivity level. It assists in tracking the digital activities of the employees and then gives reports on which sites or apps have been used by them.

A time locator also takes screenshots off the employee’s devices and displays the captured picture to the device administrator. Furthermore, in addition to the features mentioned above, it also provides features like helping improve the employee’s productivity by reducing multitasking and making them focus on the priority.

2. Todoist

A Todoist, you can simply think of it as a to-do list app. This software keeps workers updated from the little things to the everyday tasks that need to be done within a day. It comes in handy when employees get daily and individual assignments, and team projects, too.

So, Todoist does employees a great favor when they are trying to complete the tasks within a coming deadline. However, the main benefit of this tool is its cross-platform ability, so that every company can take advantage of it from various platforms.

3. TrackPhone

Want to know about your employees’ location during works hours? Well, an employee tracker like a phone tracker is all you need! This is an effective tool that tracks the employee’s location in real-time movements and where they are up to if it’s on productivity or leisure. It reports the geolocation data on the dashboard and provides a very clear sight to tell the company about each worker’s engagements. Certainly, you will get various benefits from this powerful lookup tool.

  • Get employee’s real-time location
  • Work remotely and anonymously
  • User-friendly interface
  • No app or software installation
  • 24/7 tech support

Closing Words

After going through the above-mentioned, you must have found a tool that can help dramatically improve employee performance. As long as your employees realized that they are being monitored, simply employing an employee tracking app is enough to bring about a huge improvement. And, your business will become more successful and good at managing time in the future.

As always, do let us know in the comments below if you have more suggestions on tracking employee performance. We are delighted to hear from your various voices!