Four Proven Ways To Track Someone’s iPhone Discreetly

iPhone’s stylish, minimalist design is responsible for its dominant role playing in the mobile brands market. Based on the Piper Sandler semi-annual survey released in 2021, 85% of U.S. teenagers possess their own iPhone and 88% expect it to be their next phone. The research has manifested that young people are particularly inclined to choose iPhone devices. As modern parents, you kids might also ask you to buy him/her a mobile device so that they can be more convenient in their daily life. However, with the gadget on their hands, kids might face hidden hassles. One of the specific problems is that you might find it hard to know their location because they might not tell you or lie to you.

Here are four proven ways to help you track someone’s iPhone without letting them know. Before you navigate the post thoroughly, you should first make it clear that it is legal for us to track someone else upon getting one’s permission.

Way 1: Track someone’s iPhone through iCloud

In the first part, let’s start with the easiest and convenient way to track someone’s iPhone. You must be familiar with iCloud, which need to be activated and launched before you use your iPhone. iCloud is so useful that you can tap into it to find location of your target. Below are simple steps for you to follow;

  1. Log in the iCloud account of your target
  2. Tab Find My Phone
  3. Open all the devices and select iPhone
  4. Check the location of your target

The shortcoming of this way can be evident. You should acknowledge the iCloud account of your target. If not, you can’t launch their account. Another way for finding one’s location is taking advantage of the built-in application of Apple devices—Find My. Find My supports you to share your location with your friends as well as requesting your friends’ location. Once they accept your request, you can find their location on Apple map. Here is a brief instruction:

  1. Enter the Find My app and select the people tab
  2. Click Share My Location
  3.  Enter the name or phone number of your target
  4. Select Send
  5. Choose the time duration for you sharing
  6. Select OK
  7. Wait patiently for the response of your target

Way 2: Trace an iPhone with the help of Google Timelines

Just stop asking your kids or your spouses with a barrage of questions like—Where have you been today? What did you do today? Where was that coffee shop we discovered on our last vacation? These questions can take up a great memory. Google Timelines can be a special recorder to help revisit all these places and the real-time trackers for one’s location. Both Android and Apple users can enjoy the fun of Google Timelines now. To find your target’s location, just follow the steps:

  1. Launch the Google account of your target
  2. Head to
  3. Choose the date you want to revisit or just tab today
  4. Browse the location history
  5.  Update the recent location

In this way, you should also grasp the Google account of your target first. No one will reveal their account password easily, because it is everyone’ instinct to protection himself or herself including their privacy. Hence, are there any ways for us trace one’s location without grasping any account password?

Way 3: Track one’s iPhone via Localize. mobi

Here is the way. Localize. mobi is the third-party tool to find one’s location through typing in a phone number only. Skipping any installation, you have no need to worry about the complicated steps to activate it. Only a phone number can help you find one’s location. Here is a guideline for you to use this apt solution:

  1. Type in the phone number of the one you want to track
  2. The tool will then send a message to the target containing the tracking link
  3. Once the target taps the link and you will locate them on the map

The above three steps can realize the real-time tracking position of someone. It is also worth being noted that Localize. mobi doesn’t require a physical access to the target phone, which make your tracking completely discreetly. You only need to type in a phone number and find location of the target person remotely. The target will receive an anonymous SMS message containing asking their exact location. However, the recipient will never know about the sender. What’s more, you can customize the message you’re going to send in any way you like.

Way 4: Find one’s whereabout with Trackphone

Trackphone can be another ultimate solution to find one’s location through typing in phone number without letting the target know. Trackphone is the thriving phone locator and a simple fix that can be nailed by anyone. You can track someone by typing in the cellphone number in the search box without app-installed and wait until the tool finds the location.  Let’s unlock the possibility of finding someone with Trackphone:

  1. Provide the phone number you want to track in the search box
  2. Make secure payment with your credit card
  3. Enter the phone number you want to receive the messages
  4. Wait for an SMS message on your device presenting the result of the location

Trackphone is also a tool that free from installation, which means that we can search for one’s location on the web pages with ease. The GPS positioning technology can also realize more goals for us apart from finding someone’s location. We can also apply it to other aspects including finding our lost or stolen devices. With the full flexibility of all mobile brands, the tool can absolutely work smoothly on your iPhone devices. You can spot more information by heading to:

Final thoughts:

With the increasing number of owning their own iPhone, it actually unleashes more potentials for you to find the location of your kids. In a nutshell, locating your close people is a caring act especially if you suspect they’re in trouble. It’s good to know that there are multiple ways to find their location remotely. The above ways can also help you locate your lost devices, protecting your belongings without extra effort.

Provided that you have found the post useful for you, or you have more tools to recommend, please leave your comments below!