Free Tricks to Find our Lost Phones in 2022

Believe it or not, misplacing or losing our phones make us headache and annoyed. For one, we depend on our phone heavily to keep in touch with friends. In addition, we also use our cellphone professionally. We will certainly fear that our personal information and company secret are leaking to others. Unfortunately, it can happen easily, especially considering many people keep their phones in their pockets and use them frequently throughout the day. We fear that we might leak our personal information. However, don’t worry. There are free tricks to help us find our lost phones in 2022. Let’s browse the avenues!

Trick 1: Find My Device for Android users

Find My Device might be the most common way for Android users to seek help for when they lose their cellphones. The first step is to visit and log in the Google Account. You should make sure that you have linked your Google account to your phone.

  • Open Find My Device and log in your account on your Android device
  • Tab your Android device and locate your phone

If your device is still on, you will see the real-time location of your lost device. Or it will present you the latest location when your phone is on. Apart from tracking cellphone location, Find My Device enables to send an alert to the phone with a message informing the finder about the owner’ contact way. If you are suspecting your phone is hidden somewhere at your home, just ring your phone remotely, it can lead you to your valuable device. Provided that you are sure that the finder is not going to return the device to you, then you can also choose to erase the device completely in case other steal your personal information. Find My Device can also work on Android tablet, all you need to do is to download and install the application on your gadget and set up your Google account!

Trick 2: Find My App for IOS users

Find My Device is a service designed for Android users. In the same way, Apple offers Find My App to help users locate their misplaced mobile phone. You are required to launch your iCloud after visiting and tab the device you want to locate. The map will show you the location of your Apple devices. You can also turn on Lost Mode, prompting the phone to send a message to the finder of your iphone. You can also erase your device for safety of your information. But it is worth being noted that once you do so, you can never search for the device. All the features can be available on any Apple devices once you can log in your iCloud. Therefore, what matters most might be your iCloud password.

Trick 3: Built-in Service for Samsung users

Coincidentally, Samsung also launches its specific-designed tool to help its users locate their phone. It is not a software but a built-in service. The functions are very similar to the other two applications. Users can track the cellphone remotely and then show a message on the lock screen. An innovative feature is that you can prevent the phone shutting off and disable your card remotely, which can mitigate the negative effects. Find My Device will send you the updated location information in 15 minutes. There is no app and users are requested to visit with the aim of tracing their devices.

Trick 4: Phone Location Trackers

Above we have discussed built-in applications and websites for different brands to trace mobile phone. The easier resort to break the restrictions of mobile brands and models lies in phone location tracker. Many companies are rolling out specific phone location trackers. Faced with varied options, how can we choose the best phone location tracker? Here Trackphone comes in handy! Popular benefits are waiting for you to explore:

  • Concise and simple interface
  • Hidden mobile location tracker
  • No need to install additional softwares
  • All-round mobile tracker

We have known that Find My Device and Find My App are preinstalled on phones, which might take up some extra storing space for updating the software. With Trackphone. there is no need to worry about the problem. Only a telephone number can you trace one’s location. We can stay hidden with our cellphone, without letting target being noticed. More service information can click


There are times in life when we all seek a solution to track our lost phone or someone who are caring for. Trackphone is so awesome that you can locate one’s location via a cellphone number. It can surely be the most apt solution for location tracking!