How Can I Locate My Lost Phone For Free Online?

How Can I Locate My Lost Phone For Free Online?

If asked to list the most mentally challenging in daily life, losing a cell phone must be one of them. Indeed, no matter how careful we think we might be, situations whereby the unexpected such as losing your phone, might occur. However, gone are days when we have no ideas on how to trace our lost devices. Today, the digital era has come up with advanced tools to help us locate a lost phone online without any cost. The post is here to explore functional methods to track phone location for free.

How Can I locate my lost Android for free on the Internet?

Android, supported by Google, comes in handy to help you figure out where your Android is. You can track a lost phone through the browser in two ways. Before you can successfully grasp the location of your cell phone, you should make sure that the GPS and data can be on to successfully read and transmit the location to Google maps. Check your configuration in the following steps :

  1. Security > Google Security
  2. Turn on “Remotely Locate This Device” and “Allow remote lock and Erase”
  3. Swipe your device from top to bottom to switch on “Access to my location” or access the location setting from “All settings”

You should check and finish the above setting before you lose your cell phone. With all the comprehensive configuration finished, you can locate your lost phone online for free:

  1. Enter your Google browser from any phone, tablet, laptop
  2. Type in the search bar “Find My Phone” (You should sign in to the browser with the same Google account which is linked to your cell phone on the browser.)
  3. You can get access to the precise location of your device now.
  4. Ring the cell phone if you are sure that it is nearby you. Lock the screen to hamper someone’s intention to steal your data. Erase your data if it is impossible for you to get it back.

You can also use your Google account to search the location of your Android on Find My Device:

  1. Visit the website through your browser to log in.
  2. Once you have logged in, choose the lost device amongst the list.
  3. Refresh the location information of your lost Android
  4. You can see the current location of your lost cell phone.

How can I locate my lost iPhone for free online?

High security and minimalist designs enable iPhone to be warmly embraced by the general public. Therefore, iPhone has allowed its users to track phone location without extra effort. Make sure that you have turned on your Find My iPhone feature to track a cell phone. Then, you can follow the below steps to track your lost iPhone online without any cost:

  1. Head to on your browser
  2. Log in to your iCloud and choose the Find My iPhone feature on the homepage
  3. Click on the device your want to locate among the “All Devices” list
  4. Get access to the phone location and you can manage your device remotely

Note that if you are using the latest iPhone, the current location of your iPhone can be tracked even if your device is offline. If you have another iOS product like an iPad, you can also identify the current location of your mobile device on your iOS product. Nevertheless, as the built-in service of iOS products, it is not friendly to Android devices. It indicates that Android users can’t download the application on their devices.

How can I locate my lost phone by phone number?

Up-to-date mobile tracking technology has devised a modern tool for us to locate a lost phone by phone number online. An online phone number locator can be your apt option if you want to track an accurate location of a cell phone without app installation. A phone number can be a magic key to unlock the “door”—You can unquestionably track your cell phone. If you are searching for a phone tracker by a number on the Internet, you will find out numerous results which claim that they can help you locate a lost phone in seconds for free. However, you should be prudent you might be a victim of the scams. Random clicks into these disguised websites might trigger many problems such as malware and information leakage, etc.

Therefore, we are here to save your effort——Viespy deserves to be on your first list. Anonymity can be one of the highlights of this location tracking service. You won’t be under the anxiety of being discovered by your target with the help of this tool. As a professional location tracking tool, most problems you are concerned about can be addressed with the tool:

  1. Accurate and real-time location tracking, making every movement of your lost phone within your reach online
  2. Safe and encrypted data protection, protecting your data information in a safe way and freeing you from worrying about exposing your identity
  3. Anonymous location tracking, making it impossible for someone to know about your location tracking
  4. Multi-platform support on various platforms including Android and iOS
  5. Full coverage of domain, allowing you to track phone location all over the world

Be afraid of tedious details while using the tool? Never will you experience such kind of worry when you are using Viespy:

  1. Enter the phone number of your cell phone
  2. Make a secure payment
  3. Type in the phone number which can be used for receiving location messages ( You can use the phone number of your friends or family members)
  4. Click into the message and get to know the result

Wrapped up:

This post has introduced a couple of different ways for you to track a cell phone online, just save the post in case you will need one someday. In addition, if you have any problems, just leave your words below the bar. We welcome all your comments.