How can I look up the location of a phone number?

Have you ever been in a situation where unknown phone number calls your phone constantly? Well, you’re not alone, and you may want to track the phone number and identify the unknown caller. That’s where phone number location finder tool comes in handy. It lets you look up the location of a phone number without the person’s knowledge. Read on to find the tool that suits your needs.

Why is it important to look up a phone number?

Tracking a phone number is not just a matter of comfort or convenience anymore. Knowing the location of your family members can give you peace of mind and let you know no harm is upon them. Moreover, you can track the phone location in case it’s lost or stolen.

Phone location tracker also can be helpful when mysterious phone calls clutter your call log. It gives you the ability to identify the unknown phone number calling your device. As such, you can know who’s calling you and prevent scam and spam calls.

How to look up the location of a phone number?

There are numerous location trackers available in the market and they enable you to identify the location of a phone number. Some of them are malicious sites and you’ll end up exposing your personal information online. The best way is to track down a number is using a reliable third-party app or website. We’ve put together some of effective and trustworthy phone number trackers below.

Reverse phone lookup tool

The most hassle-free way to look up a phone number is using a online reverse phone lookup tool. For instance, and shows you the details about a phone number, including the location and other information. No software or app is required and you don’t even have to sign up for the service. You just need to enter the phone number in the designated box and click “Search” to see the search results.

Reverse phone number lookup tool will start running through database to find the location. If the phone number is listed in the general public directory, it will show who the phone number is registered to and his location. If you want to look up toll-free phone numbers, the search tool on the could prove more useful. To search the general location where a mobile number was activated, or websites can be more useful.

Search engine

You also can make use of search engine to conduct a general web search for the phone number. In the dedicated search box, type in the phone number you wish to track. You can try using various phone number formats such as “555-123-3124” or “5551233124”. Then click “Enter” to see what comes up in the search results. Information about the phone number may be available somewhere online.

Phone number tracker

TrackPhone is another reliable solution that helps you track a cell phone by number without installing software. This mobile number tracker is available on Android and iOS device so you can find location information at your fingertips. You’ll be able to locate a lost cell phone or track the location of your family members. It cooperates with GPS tracking system to offer location data with high accuracy.

To find the location of a phone number, you can navigate to and enter the phone number in the search box. Click “Start geolocation” and the system will try to activate GPS module on the phone and return the precise location.You can check the location on the interactive map that supports zooming in and out.

Is there any methods to find phone location?

Yes, you can utilize IMEI tracker to track a lost cell phone. IMEI number is a 15-digit number unique to each device. When a phone call is made through a cell phone, the IMEI number is sent to the nearest phone tower. Phone carriers and manufacturers can use IMEI number to help you track the smartphone that may be stolen. It gives the approximate location of the cell phone, after which finding its exact location becomes quite easy.

Alternatively, you can go to Google Play store and download IMEI tracker – Find my device app. It allows you to track a cell phone by IMEI number and find the accurate location of the phone. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use this service. Simply grant certain permissions and enter the IMEI number to get started.

Closing thoughts

We’ve explained several ways to look up the location of a phone number in this guide. Reverse phone lookup tool would be of great help when you want to find the details of a unknown phone number. However, if you want to catch up with friends or track the phone location, mobile number tracker can prove more useful.