How Can We Use Phone To Keep Us Safe In A Tricky Situation

A common question you might be asked is that what will you bring with you if you are stuck in a desert and you can just pick up one belonging with you. It’s probably a question you’ve thought about at one point or another. In other words, what are the bare essentials that you would have trouble surviving without? People’s answers vary. However, whatever the answer is, the item we choose can help us survive and escape from the plight we are faced with. Cellphones must be the top 3 in the list. Some might choose water, food, while many of us will choose cellphone as well.

Opponents argue that we can surely without social media, digital devices, phone is unnecessary in our life. We just think about life without cellphones, not to mention that there is no Internet connection on the desert. We can’t deny that we indeed can live without social media. However, phones can definitively keep us safe in other ways even in tricky situations. More reasons and benefits of phones will be discussed in this post. Let’s go!

Benefit 1: Make Phone Call

It is our instinct to seek others for help in troubles. Considering there might seem to be utterly bereft of human life, make a phone call might be a practical way to make an emergency call. Even you might not know your exact location, the GPS service on our mobile phone can enable people to locate the real-time location. The simplest thing might save our life in the desert.

Benefit 2: Find Out Our Exact Location

As we mentioned above, people can locate our location via our GPS service. A quicker way is tracking location through phone number. Viespy can be a professional expert in this field. With no installation, people can locate you with a few clicks away. In the same way, you can also tell others your precise location through the powerful phone locator. Thanks to the GPS technology, we will never feel at loss when we get lost in an unfamiliar area.

Apart from it, our cellphone can act as the GPS itself, guiding us the right way to get out of the trouble.


Benefit 3: Use As A Weapon

It might sound weird, but it can be useful for us when we meet attackers. Cellphones are hard enough that you can utilize them to do harm to your attackers depending on what soft or sensitive areas you strike with them. Your cellphone can save your life sometimes.

Benefit 4: Serve As A Tool To Light Your Way

Have you ever imagined a situation—Your building has a fire at midnight and you have to escape from this dangerous situation without flashlight. Here the built-in flashlights of our cellphones help us find the way during the emergency situation. Sometimes, phone can also light our way to bathroom at midnight when we don’t need turn on the lights.

Benefit 5: Our Danger Alarm

Before the development of cellphones, our danger alarm lies in the broadcast on TV or radio. Although it is also an effective and doable way nowadays, the advent of phone has opened up more channels for us to acknowledge potential dangers like terrible weather, shootings and scams and so on. Cellphones can deliver and update the latest news for us with the least delay. Just clicks away and we can grasp the dangers around us.

Wrapping up:

Not only can cellphones facilitate our daily life in exchanging information, communicating and so on, but also cellphones can keep us safe in knotty situations, even helps you survive in the desert with the GPS location. Hope this post can help you know more about the roles of our cellphones. If you have any questions. don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!