How Do We Locate Lost Persons with Dementia Through Smartphone?

Location tracking is gaining more and more popularity in today’s society. Locating someone is not as hard as it sounds thanks to the rapid growth of modern technology. Thus, parents can track children and pets, even their parents. While some organizations and other employers are tracking lone workers for safety reasons. As a result, there are plenty of options when it comes to location tracking ways.

In this post, I will introduce some effective measures to take if you want to locate someone with dementia via their smartphone.

What is Dementia?

Simply put, dementia stands for the loss of memory, language, and other thinking skills that people have to cope with in daily life. It’s not a single disease, it is the whole term of Alzheimer’s disease and other specific medical conditions. While the former is considered to be the most common cause of dementia. Such bad conditions are usually caused by abnormal brain changes inside, which trigger a decline in cognitive abilities and impair independent function outside. Furthermore, they also affect people’s behavior, emotions, and relationships.

Symptoms of Dementia

  • Experiencing short-term memory and poor judgment;
  • Increasing confusion and repeating questions;
  • Using unusual words to refer to familiar objects;
  • Showing no interest in normal daily activities or events;
  • Wandering and getting lost in a familiar neighborhood;
  • Changing of personality or behavior;
  • Losing of ability to do daily tasks;

Many conditions mentioned above are progressive, which means that the signs of dementia will constantly get worse day by day. If someone you know or love is suffering from memory difficulties or changes in thinking abilities, please try your best to keep them safe. In case the elderly with dementia go missing someday and you want to find out their current location immediately, it has to be the location tracking tool out on the Internet today.

Tips for Tracking Missing Persons with Dementia

Want to track someone through their mobile phone? Maybe to ensure that your relatives or family members are safe? Or want to know how to locate someone with dementia? Well, tracking all these is possible with the helpful tips below.

Social Media

Many social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram, and more, are the most common and effective ways that people will make use to find missing persons nowadays. Therefore, the media then gain further information from these platforms and you can get more information about the days of the person’s disappearance. To do this, you have to know the login password of someone you want to locate in advance. Then, report any activity that might be a clue to the worker at the police department.

To be honest, though this is one of the most often-used ways people use to find someone today, it may not work for the elderly since they don’t spend much of their time online.

Contact Police

The faster you notify the police that your loved ones are missing and the quicker they can track them back. Just go to your local police department to give the report.  By asking the police for help, firstly, you should contact the police as soon as you have a reason to worry. Then, provide the police with information about the missing person. Or you can contact the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

By the way, security departments and the police can do this very easily by contacting the mobile network the one you wish to locate issuing. However, phone carriers will not easily oblige ordinary people in tracking someone else. Thus, a reasonable or legal reason is always required for location tracking.

Tracking Tech

The simplest way to track someone is, therefore, using the Viespy phone number locator online. Mobile phones, tablets, or any other GPS-operated systems can get location information from GPS satellites as long as they have some sort of Internet connection. To enable the location tracking feature, all you need to do is type in the target phone number on the search box, choose the subscription plan then complete the purchase online. Next, enter the phone number you wish to receive the location information. Finally, you will get the real-time location information in the form of a map within a few minutes and you will be able to find out the lost person in an instant.

More Information for Location Tracking

I’m sure many of you will have used the above ways with loved ones, family members, relatives, and possibly colleagues. If so, please feel free to share your tips on the best location tracking methods with us. For more location-tracking information, you can head over to we hope you can find something useful in this article!