How to Find a Child’s Cell Phone Location without Installing Software?

Are you concerned about where your child goes after school? Are you worried your child could go to someplace that you are not allowed?

Well, as for most parents, it’s normal to worry about your child because you just want to ensure they are safe at all times. Hence, knowing kids’ whereabouts at all times is quite necessary. And, the best way to do so is to track a cell phone location.

There are dozens of apps and software available on the market for tracking someone’s phone. However, many of them require a complex process to install the software on the target phone you wish to be located. Meanwhile, it also increases the chance of the child finding out, making it harder to have the job done. So, in this article, we will share with you how to track a cell phone location without installing software.

Is Built-In Location Tracking Services Good to Use?

As you may notice, both Android and iOS devices have a built-in Find My Phone feature for tracking your children. However, such a feature was usually designed for finding a misplaced or stolen phone, but not location tracking. This also means that you will find it hard to access tracking data unless you have your child’s Google account details information. Moreover, another drawback is that this feature can be easily turned off by kids, making it impossible to track their locations. In this case, you can opt for location tracking services online.

How to Track Child’s Cell Phone without Installing Software?

Whether your child uses Android or iOS devices, there is always a way that you can use to track kids’ phone locations without installing any special apps. So, here we will share you with 2 different ways to do so:

Track an Android Phone Location Using “Find My Device”

If your child uses an Android phone, and he or she doesn’t have the “Find My Device” installed on the phone, then you need to download the app from the Google Play Store. After downloading and installing the app, simply sign in with the kid’s Google credentials. Open up the app on the phone when you want to track an Android phone location, and you will be able to see the location of a phone from a dashboard. This detailed map enables you to locate the exact location of your kids.

Track an iPhone Location Using “Find My iPhone”

If your kid uses an iPhone, you can easily and quickly find their location using the built-in “Find My iPhone” feature. If it is not activated, you can turn it on by simply going to the “Settings” on the iPhone home screen and clicking on the “Apple ID” and then tapping on the “iCloud”. Next, toggle on the “Find My iPhone” switch to turn the feature on. Once you have opened the feature, you then can track the iPhone’s location in the iCloud from a desktop web browser or use another iOS device using the account details.

How to Track Kid’s Phone without Them Knowing?

Tracking a phone’s location without the child’s knowledge is so easy! But, we don’t recommend you to use any types of tracking devices as they usually end well and cause a lot of trouble to the relationship with your kids. We would like to advise you to talk with your kids and let them know that you are worried about their safety.

However, if you don’t have another choice, at least you can try online location tracking tools. Since these kinds of services run in the background, the kids won’ be able to recognize that you are tracking them. In the meantime, you will be able to find their location and make sure that they are safe at all times.

Easy Steps to Keep Track of Child’s Cell Phone Location

If the mentioned above methods do not meet your requirements, you should try Viespy – The Phone Number Tracker. By tracking phone numbers online, you can easily track either your child’s iPhone or Android location without installing any app as it works online. The phone number tracker tool for parents is a web-based location tracking service that allows parents to track their kid’s locations using their phone numbers. Besides showing you the kid’s exact location in real-time, this tool also provides their location with details information.

With the phone number tracker tool, you don’t need to jailbreak the iPhone or Android, or even install any software on the child’s cell phone. To track the kid’s device’s location, all you need to do is enter the phone number and get the accurate location result within minutes.

Discover how easy it is to go with Viespy:

  1. Navigate to the Viespy official website with your web browser.
  2. Insert the child’s phone number you wish to be located.
  3. Enter your phone number to receive the geolocation result.

See how simple it is to use Viespy? No more hesitation and head over to our homepage and give this powerful GPS lookup tool a shot right away! For more location tracking tips and tricks, you can learn from our blog page.

Safeguard Kid’s Safety 24/7

There you have it. With so many built-in location tracking services out there it is hard for you to select the right pick. It’s even harder to find one with good tracking features but without installing software. However, of all the mentioned above apps, We would recommend you to try Viespy as it is worthy. Viespy outperformed all the built-in location services in the market in terms of accuracy with location tracking, no installation, and ease of use. Moreover, it offers a 48 hours trial for only $0.99 right now so that you can test its location tracking features yourself!