How To Find My Lost iPhone With IMEI Number?

Thousands of iPhones are either lost or stolen per year. You can be beset by the loss of cell phone both in finance and emotion. On one hand, you are putting your private information and phone contacts under the risk. On the other hand, you might undergo financial loss if you plan to replace with a new iPhone. One of the most common ways to locate lost iPhone is taking advantage a serial number called IMEI number. Today’s tutorial will give a detailed introduction of IMEI and how can we use it track our lost phone.

What is IMEI and why is it important?

IMEI number, also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity number, is the unique identity for our cell phone. Since every cell phone owns its special IMEI number, people use it to identify mobile devices and models. Another purpose is tracking phone. Since the IMEI number is hard-coded into the mobile models and it can’t be changed without professional equipment, it can help us locate our lost iPhone even if the thief might discard or change out SIM card. If the thief tries to change the IMEI number, then he might be under the trouble of damaging the device. Another main purpose of IMEI number is to prevent thief for we can lock the thief out when we find our iPhone lost.

Another big worry for you lies in the leakage of private information. Don’t worry, IMEI comes in handy. We can report our loss of iPhone to our carrier, thus enabling the mobile carrier to block the IMEI out of the network. Put it in another way, it can protect all of our private information and data. At the same time, your IMEI number will add to the blacklist and when your mobile carrier will inform you in no time when it locates your lost phone.

How can we find IMEI number of our iPhone?

As the old saying goes: “The problem may not arise, but there is no harm in keeping our powder dry.” Therefore, it is good option that we should check and write down the IMEI number of our iPhone somewhere just in case. Here is how we can find our IMEI number of our iPhone before we lose it:

Method 1: Dial *#06#, and this is the quickest command to make our IMEI number appear

Method 2: Navigate the “Settings” section of our iPhone

  1. Enter “Setting”
  2. Stroll down and choose” General”
  3. Choose “About”
  4. You can the check detailed information including but not limited to IMEI number of your iPhone

Method 3:Check the reverse side our iPhone

We are entitled to check the tiny find print on the back of our iPhone. Also, you can also check your SIM tray where our IMEI can be found.

Find the IMEI beforehand can pave a way for us when we are trying out the locate our lost iPhone. What if we have lost our iPhone and what methods should we take to find the IMEI number of our device? Let’s move to the next steps!

Method 1:Check the retail package of our iPhone

An increasing number of people are keen on collecting or keeping the sleek and white packaging box of iPhone. We can find the IMEI number on the retail package. The IMEI is just outside the box, usually at the bottom of the box.

Method 2: Find the IMEI number on the receipt

Locate the original contract or receipt for the phone if you can’t find the packaging. The IMEI number should be listed.

Method 3: Seek help from cellular provider

We can choose to check your monthly bill and online account statement, which will list our IMEI number. Or we can contact cellular provider, asking them to offer the IMEI number to us from their database. We will be allowed to suspend service of our phone if we lose our cell phone.

Method 4: Go the iTune backup

In case the data loss, we will be inclined to have iTune backup. It can much easier for us to find IMEI number for us if we have backed it up in iTunes.

1. Open the iTunes

2. Tab on “Device preferences”

3. Select “Devices”

4. Choose our lost device from the list of devices that you have backed up.

We can then check the IMEI number of our lost iPhone.

Ways for us to locate our lost phone with IMEI number:

After we have written down our IMEI number of our lost iPhone, we can track our lost iPhone in two ways mainly:

  1. Report the IMEI number of our lost iPhone to the police and mobile carrier, who will have the capacity of locating our lost iPhone via the IMEI number. What’s more, the mobile carrier will blacklist our IMEI number, which will disable our service on the device at the same time. Once the carrier has tracked our lost iPhone, we will be notified. The drawback of the way might be that we can’t locate our iPhone Instead, we need to wait for an answer for a few days. Therefore, we might miss the perfect chance to find our lost iPhone.
  2. An instant remedy can also be offered to us with the help of an IMEI tracker. Search for the high ranking IMEI number tracker and then download and install one of the apt one. You can also choose the web-page based IMEI tracker.

Bonus tips for locating our lost iPhone:

Every minute count when we are trying out to find our lost iPhone. Aside from IMEI tracker for our instant search for our lost device, we can take advantage of the mobile phone tracker. We get acquainted with mobile phone finder -Find My, which is the inbuilt service of Apple. Indeed, Find My is satisfying diverse demand after further upgrading. Nevertheless, it can just send us an approximate and stationary location information. If someone is holding our iPhone and moving forward, we can’t see the real-time movement. Is there another way for us to track our lost iPhone in real time? We highly recommend that we should improve the efficiency of find our lost iPhone via the third-party mobile phone tracker.

The third-party mobile phone tracker empowers us to track our lost iPhone in no time via a cell phone number. Some tracker requires us to download and install the app, while some can help us track our lost iPhone online remotely without installation. However, another problem can arise—How can choose the most reliable tracker for finding our lost iPhone. Here are some rules for you:

  1. Real-time location tracking, enabling us to locate our lost device so that we can grasp the location of our device and find it.
  2. High-accurate result, helping us to find our lost iPhone as soon as possible and in a more effective way.
  3. Compatibility of different mobile brands and model, freeing us from the anxiety of limitation of mobile brands.
  4. Absolute data security, protecting our data collected by the tracker will not be leaked to the third parties for the interest.
  5. Geolocation tracking within a globe, allowing us to track our lost iPhone without the geographic confinement and time restriction.

Wrapped up:

In any case, we hope that all of us will not experience the unease of losing our iPhone. Best luck for you! Did you have your iPhone lost? What was your experience with coping with it? If you have any ideas or ways out, please share below and help each other!