How To Find The Phone Location Of A Cheating Partner?

How To Find The Phone Location Of A Cheating Partner?

The very fundamentals of a relationship have to change as time passes—No one can deliver a pledge that your relationship will last forever, particularly when you are in a modern era when the cost of infidelity is low. When you have confronted the uncertainty in a relationship, just delve into the truth and do the right decision. Commonly speaking, the first step to find out the cheating conduct is to detect the location of a cheating partner. Therefore, this guide is here to tell you how to spot where your cheating partner is. You will also learn how to do it specifically. This guide will work for either iPhones or Android devices.

Find the phone location of a cheating partner by phone number

Gone are days when you need to follow someone physically to grasp his location. Nowadays, you can know the location of a cheating spouse by phone location. Viespy is a website where you enter the phone number of the person you want to locate and it finds their exact location. We are not kidding, it works just like that! So freaking cool! The tool has transcended the model of the mobile phone, or mess around with the software and stuff like that, but most importantly you don’t need to access the target phone. The entire process can be implemented online and remotely. Take a specific example, if you are in NY and the target is in Boston you can easily locate them. I’ll show you how it works straight away (although it wouldn’t be necessary because it’s super self-explanatory):

  1. Go to Viespy.
  2. Enter the phone number you want to locate.
  3. Key in the phone number that receives the geolocation information.
  4. Click on the message indicating the location information.

A tip to save your money: if you are not interested in the subscription and you want to locate your target’s mobile phone at that very moment and then not anymore, you can activate the trial period and disable the subscription immediately. So you’ll only pay 0.99 cents for the period.

Find the phone location of a cheating partner by mSpy

mSpy is the most widely used spying app in the world. It was created as a Parental Control app so it is 100% legal. If you’ve read other tutorials on the internet you’ve probably already heard of it. It allows you to spy on pretty much everything that happens on the target’s cell phone, not just know the exact location. Apart from location tracking, you can also get access to chats on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, and so on. Next, let me show you how it works and what you need for localizing a cell phone with mSpy. First of all, you need to install the app on the target cell phone, Upon the installation, you can track phone location on the dashboard.

Friendly note: you need to root your device if you want to get the advanced features enabled.

Find the phone location of someone by messaging apps

Instant Messaging platforms are collecting your information including location data. Therefore. messaging platforms like Whatsapp enable you to track the phone location of someone.

To accomplish this is easy, just follow some simple steps:

  1. Press the (+) key on the paper clip icon (Android)
  2. Click Location.
  3. Choose between Real-Time Location or Send Current Location.

However, you should note that the real-time location offered by Whatsapp has a time limit of 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. The current position is limited to where contact is at the precise moment while real-time follows the contact throughout the day wherever they go.


It is now the end of the guide. I hope that the information I was able to provide has been useful, as so many others have found it helpful in the past. Before I officially bid you farewell in this guide, I want to go over the content of this article one more time. I told you about some techniques for tracking the location of another cellphone. I don’t want you to have missed something that can help.

Also, if you need any help, you can leave your inner voice below, and we will be happy to resolve the problem for you! Waiting for your comments!