How to locate a lost cell phone if it’s turned off?

Having your cell phone lost or stolen is not a big deal if you have pre-installed location tracking apps on your device. They are designed to help you find a lost or stolen mobile phone. However, chances are that your smartphone is turned off, offline or runs out of battery and it won’t be able to communicate with nearby cell towers to transmit the location. It seems that all hope is lost and you won’t be able to retrieve your device. Don’t panic, you still stand a chance of getting your device back. In this guide, we’ll show you how to locate a lost cell phone that’s turned off.

Can I locate a lost cell phone if it’s switched off?

The short answer is yes. Although your smart device needs an active internet connection to transmit the location, technology considers almost every scenario and offers you several solutions to retrieve your device. Even if your cell phone is turned off, you can use location history to know the approximate location of your phone. Take a closer look at the following solutions.

How to locate a lost iPhone that’s turned off?

For iPhone running iOS 13 or above, Apple comes with the “Find My iPhone” and “Send Last Location” feature to help you find an offline device. Find My iPhone allows you to locate your iPhone even if it’s not connected to WiFi or cellular network. You can use the “Find My” app on another smartphone or the “Find iPhone” feature in your iCloud to track you offline device. Here’s how you can do:

  • Sign into
  • Tap Devices and select the missing device from the list.
  • If the device can be located, it appears on the map.

When your phone is switched off or runs out of battery, you won’t be able to track its real-time location using the method. However, Send Last Location will save the last location of your iPhone before it’s turned off. The last known location is displayed for up to 24 hours. The Find My network will enable other nearby iOS users to locate a lost iPhone even if it’s turned off.

You also can enable “Notify When Found” feature, which sends you an email notification when your phone is powered on. Simply go to “Find My” app and scroll up the tab to see more options, then toggle “Notify When Found” on.

How to locate a lost Android phone that’s turned off?

If you ever get lucky and your Android phone is still powered on, you can use “Find My Device” to locate your lost cell phone. But if your cell phone is offline, turned off or runs out of battery, you will be able to see the last known location, using Google Timeline. It should be linked to your Google account and Find My Device was installed. Follow the steps to locate a lost Android phone that’s turned off:

  • Open Google Maps and log into your Google account.
  • Click on the menu and tap “Your timeline”.
  • A new window will pop up. Select the date on which you lost your cell phone to see its location history.

Can I locate my Android phone if Google account password is changed?

Yes, it’s understandable that you change the Google account password as you won’t someone from accessing your information. Google’s Find My Device still works even if you change the password. If the lost Android phone is offline or turned off, you can take advantage of Google location history to find its last known location.

Is it possible to track a lost cell phone if someone made a factory reset?

It’s not an easy feat as resetting a phone brings it back to factory settings. Your Google account, iCloud ID or restrictions won’t be there. That means you won’t be able to track a lost cell phone using “Find My Device” or “Find My iPhone”. Under such circumstance, you can resort to phone number tracker or IMEI tracker.

How to locate a lost cell phone by number?

Tracking or locating your lost phone using its number is possible if you take the right tools. Phone number locator such as TrackPhone, Buddy Locator and Yotracker give you the ability to locate a lost or stolen phone by number. They work with GPS tracking system and cellular signal to determine the phone’s precise location. Get the phone numbe tracker for any OS: Android, Apple, Windows, BlackBerry or basic phones. All you need to do is enter the phone number you wish to geolocate and get started. The exact location of cell phone will appear on the interactive map.

How to track a cell phone by IMEI number?

Alternatively, you can take advantage of IMEI number that stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Even if the thief inserts a new SIM card or factory resets your phone, the IMEI number can still work. It can be found on the phone’s packing box or in Settings > General > About.

Network provider or police can help you track or block the lost phone with IMEI number. You need to produce a police report to block the cell phone through the network provider. Rules may differ by provider and country.

Final thoughts

In case your phone goes missing or gets stolen, Apple’s Find My iPhone and Google Timeline can help you locate a lost cell phone even if it’s turned off. You can get notification when found and know its last location. Even if someone makes a factory reset, you still can locate your mobile by phone number or IMEI number. They are easy to set up and deliver desired results. Hope this guide is hopeful and help you locate your offline cell phone.