How to Locate and Track a Long Distance Partner for Free?

Are you in a long-distance relationship and have no idea about what your boyfriend or girlfriend is up to behind your back? If so, don’t worry too much as we are here to help you out. In this write-up, we are going to tell you some actionable ways to track where your lover is.

We totally understand that when we are in love, especially in a long-distance relationship, we can’t help to learn more about our loved one’s whereabouts. To help you with that, today we have brought you a few awesome free couple location tracking apps. So, without wasting too much time, let’s check out!

Can You Track Your Loved One’s Phone Through GPS?

The short answer to this important question is yes. Digital technologies have launched 4G and 5G networks for smartphones with a fantastic GPS option. And, the global positioning system, namely the GPS comes in very handy as it helps in tracking real-time location. Honestly, remotely tracking someone’s location is useful, especially when your boyfriend or girlfriend seems to be no more interested in telling the truth about where he or she spends their free time.

Track Long-Distance Partner by Phone Number in 2022

To track your couple’s location, you can always resort to a free location tracker as we mentioned above. Unfortunately, they do not offer much help in tracking your loved one’s location accurately.

So, what about the idea of locating a partner’s location by phone number? With a phone number locator tool like TrackPhone, you can easily locate your partner’s location using his phone number. While the whole tracking process runs by sending a message to your lover’s phone number. Once the person complies and you will be able to receive notifications of his or her location on a map. The good news is that this accurate location tracking tool now provides its customers with a budget-friendly trial plan for only $0.99 within 48 hours. Just come and try it today!

Track Your Boyfriend’s or Girlfriend’s Phone at No Cost

For almost all the couples out there, tracking their partner’s location makes them feel a sense of security. If you are looking for the right way how to track someone’s position, we got 2 good options that can assist you in finding partner’s location for free at any given time.

For example, you can take advantage of Android’s Find My Device or the iPhone’s Find My iPhone app. As one of the key features in every Android smartphone, the Find My Device mainly allows users to locate a phone in case it gets lost or stolen. To use this method, you need to make sure that Google’s Find My Device is linked to the Gmail account of the phone’s owner. If you are searching for a free option to track your partner’s phone, this method let you do so without having any physical access to his or her phone.

Similar to the described above, Find My iPhone is also one of the indispensable services provided by Apple. The inside feature of Find My iPhone will help you find a lost or stolen iOS device. But, in speaking of checking where your partner is right now, the Find My iPhone can also offer you great help. Friendly reminder: to track your lover’s location, the target person’s device need to link with a valid iCloud account.

If you are wondering whether it is legal to locate someone’s phone, the answer is yes. These apps are completely legal. However, it is always better to check your local rules and regulations before you do so as some states require your partner’s consent.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, 3 different methods have been discussed in this article, now, you must have found a perfect solution to your question of how to locate and find your long-distance partner. All these apps and options will surely assist you in tracking a partner’s location and let you know if your lover is cheating on you. Most importantly, using such apps, you can keep track of your loved ones without paying a penny. Thus, feel free now as you finally got a perfect tool to remove all your doubts away.