How to Ping a Phone? – Several Tactics to Find Location

How to Ping a Phone? – Several Tactics to Find Location

Believe it or not, misplacing or losing a cell phone, or even worse, having it stolen by someone can happen to anyone. However, with the help of modern technology, you can at least minimize the losses as soon as possible.

Before we dive into our discussion, I would like to ask one question: ” Do you know how to ping a cell phone location on your device?” If you don’t, this post is all you need. Here, I will show you several tactics to ping a phone, helping you to locate a phone as well as keep track of someone’s current position.

What Does “Pinging A Phone” Mean?

In technical terms, pinging a cell phone traditionally refers to locating the phone by identifying the cell tower of the last signal the phone received. Simply think of it as the digital counterpart of echolocation, which is often used by animals to talk to each other and locate objects. In other words, pinging also means tracking a person’s mobile phone.

Cases for Pinging a Phone

One of the main factors of using the ping feature is to find out the location of the phone. But why do people want to locate someone’s phone position? Let’s have a look at the following examples.

Legitimate reasons to locate a phone:

  • To find a lost or stolen phone.
  • Keeping tabs on the kids or employee location.
  • Keep track of suspects (only Govt and law enforcement agencies are authorized).

Friendly reminder: Please kindly note that spying on someone’s phone without their permission is an illegal act.

How to Ping a Phone?

Ping from Google Maps

The simplest way to track someone’s location is to use Google Maps. As long as you have gained consent to the phone you wish to ping, you are then able to locate his/her position by enabling the Google  Maps application.

Search for a location on Google Maps:

  1. Start Google Maps on your iPhone or Android;
  2. Enter your account and tap “Location sharing”
  3.  Tap a contact and then tap “Request.” The contact will receive this request on their phone;
  4.  Tap the entry and the map will zoom into their position.

Do remember to update it to the latest version, otherwise, it’s impossible to work successfully.

Ping from Find My Device

For android devices, users can use the built-in “Find My Device,” feature to locate a phone, similarly, iPhone devices also come with this inbuilt feature called “Find My iPhone” that lets you track the location of your phone.

Steps to Ping phone using Find My Device:

  1. Head to;
  2. Sign in to a Google Account through Gmail;
  3. See the live location on a map;
  4. Remotely play a ring tone, erase the data, or lock the device.

Ping from GPS Phone Lookup Tool

There are GPS lookup tools such as the Viespy phone number locator that will allow you to track someone’s location with their phone number.

Here is a step-by-step guide to Ping a Phone using lookup tool:

  1. Enter the target phone number you wish to locate;
  2. Finish the secure payment online;
  3. Select phone number to receive geolocation result;
  4. Get the exact location on a map.

For more location-tracking information, please visit

Other Tactics

If the above doesn’t meet your requirements, then you may try the other methods below:

  1. Use a GPS or phone number locator app like Life 360;
  2. Adopt An online phone numbers directory like TrueCaller;
  3. Choose a spy application (Spy on someone without permission is illegal);
  4. Ask the phone carriers for help.

Keep in mind that if you want to locate someone legally, you are required to gain legal access before you do so.

How to Prevent Being Pinged?

In case you don’t want to be pinged by others. Try these: ① Make sure no ping application is installed on your devices. ② Disable the location or GPS feature of your phone.


To be honest, unless you are part of the government and law enforcement agencies, otherwise you will find it a tough job to locate someone’s phone without their explicit permission. What I trying to say is: It’s a significant thing for you to held legal access to track someone. All in all, I hope this article can deliver more information for you to know about “pinging a phone” and ways to find a location.