How To Share Location With Family Members On A Sprint Phone?

Cutting-edge GPS positioning technology has unfolded a blueprint for the shared community of family members. To ensure the security of vulnerable members like kids and seniors, more and more families are embracing family location sharing. As one of the mainstream carriers, Sprint has a nifty feature called Sprint Family Locator, which makes users easy and convenient to share location with family members on a digital map. Through this post, you will know more about how to share location with family members on a Sprint phone.

Best Sprint phone locator—Sprint Family Locator

Launched by Sprint, Sprint Family Locator is beyond a phone finder when a Sprint phone is lost or stolen. It is also an open platform for users to track phone location of family members, which can make it easier to keep track of family members and ensure their safety. Steps to locate your family:

  1. Sign in to Sprint Family Locator
  2. Tab on the add button on the “My Family” tab
  3. Select “Add a phone from another Sprint account”

Now, you can start tracking a cell phone on your Sprint phone. The family locator will send you a notification of one’s movement. In other words, you will get to know when your loved ones arrive or leave somewhere. In addition, you can send a brief text and have a phone call with your family through the app. Despite user-friendly functions, Sprint Family Locator still has some regards waiting for further improvements:

  1. Sole workability on Sprint phones. You can’t track down your family members if they use different cell phones.
  2. Under-performance on accuracy. The app combines the Sprint network and GPS technology, while the GPS technology is confined to certain conditions like position, building, and so on. Therefore, it is impossible for GPS to be extremely accurate.
  3. The target will receive a notification when you are tracking a cell phone. You can’t be an anonymous tracker in this way.
  4. The app might not update the precise location regularly.

You can enjoy a 30-day free trial and after that, it can cost you $5.99 per month. It is a good idea if parents are open and honest about using it. Users also need to bear in mind the inherent inaccuracy of the current generation GPS.

Alternatives to Sprint Family Locator

The rise of third-party family locators can overcome the drawbacks of Sprint Family Locator. Here we have selected a couple of alternatives for you to choose from.

Alternative 1: Famiguard

Famiguard app is a thriving family locator aimed at protecting kids both online and offline. As a newborn contender for a family locator, Famiguard is striving to meet your basic demand to monitor your kids’ devices remotely. Compared with Sprint Family Locator, Famiguard can be more fully-featured, in particular in the supervision of online activities. Let’s have a glance at the functions of the app:

  1. Real-time location tracking and sharing. Famiguard promises a precise location update on the app.
  2. Set geofence and receive alerts. The feature can let you add geofences, which indicates that you will receive alerts when your family members enter or leave the safe area.
  3. App and Game blocking. You can cut off the access to inappropriate content to your family, especially your kids.
  4. Screen time limitation. It is a great way for you to prevent your family members from being addicted to mobile devices with the activation of this feature.

As we can infer from above, Famiguard is a more comprehensive family locator if you have an underage kid, for you can put restrictions on their mobile devices remotely in this all-in-one stop app. Compared with Sprint Family Locator, it still has more highlights:

Workability: all Android devices

Cost: $ 4.99 per month, which is cheaper compared to the Sprint Family Locator app

 Alternative 2: Famisafe

It can’t be much easier to share location with family members with the advent of the family locator. Famisafe is a specialized family locator, which allows you to find the exact location of someone and monitor your family’s online activities. You can enjoy some awesome features on the Famisafe:

  1. Real-time location tracking, you can track a cell phone with a real-time location on a map
  2. Screen time checking and monitoring
  3. Hamper illicit content, dangerous websites, and more
  4. Web and app monitoring and blocking
  5. Set geofence

Famisafe is a robust family locator app that comes with full-proof features. It can give you an easy entry to your family’s phone. You can use it to safeguard your kids both online and offline, blocking potential threats and risks online and offline.

Workability: Both Android and iOS

Cost: $10.99 per month

More to think: How can track a Sprint by phone number without letting anyone know?

A phone number tracker enables us to track a Sprint phone by phone number. Viespy is aimed at tracking a cell phone by phone number without revealing your identity. Locating a cell phone will be a piece of cake if you activate the service of Viespy:

  1. Track any phone regardless of mobile brands, models, and carriers
  2. Locate phone location online without app installation
  3. User-friendly interface and easy for you to locate any phone by phone number
  4. Be an anonymous phone number tracker, your target won’t detect anything

A step-by-step instruction for you to track a cell phone on Viespy:

  1. Enter the phone number you want to track
  2. Make a secure payment ($0.99 for a trial period)
  3. Key in the phone number you want to receive the result
  4. Check the exact location of a cell phone on a map

Without any installation of apps, you can track a Sprint via the phone number, relieving yourself from the stress and unease of being unable to know the whereabouts of your loved ones.

Workability: Any mobile devices

Cost: $0.99 for trial period

Final words:

This post has given you a guideline to track the location of family members on a Sprint phone. If you find it useful for you, just store up the post! If you want to know more about the latest news on mobile tracking, just follow our channel.