How To Track A Lost Android Phone Using The IMEI Number?

A recent survey has shown that nearly 70 million people lose their cell phones every year. In the past days, a SIM card is a core component of a cell phone, for a cell phone doesn’t work without a SIM card. Neither can you make a phone call nor track your cell phone. However, gone are days when a cell phone solely depends on a SIM card. Up till now, modern technology has rendered us more ways to track a cell phone even if it goes missing. IMEI number is one of them. This post will have an overview of tracking a lost Android using the IMEI number.

What is the IMEI number and why is it important?

IMEI number, which is short for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit code authorized by GSMA. The serial number serves as an identity certificate for your cell phone. As it is particular for each cell phone, the IMEI number can be a great contributor to locating your lost cell phone. At the same time, every time a phone user uses a particular network to make or receive a phone call, send, or receive a message, its IMEI number can be automatically emitted and tracked. Furthermore, with the IMEI number, you can make the missing device worthless by contacting the device carrier to blacklist it. The device will then fail to work normally. Therefore, whoever picks up your cell phone can’t access your private data on your cell phone.

How can you find the IMEI number of your Android phone?

Knowing and writing down the IMEI number when you have grabbed your cell phone plays a significant role in tracking your lost Android. It can be realized easily in the following ways:

  1.  Spot it in the “Setting” menu. The IMEI number is listed in the Setting section on your cell phone. Click into the Setting section and then scroll through the list and tab on “About phone/About device”. Click into it and grasp your IMEI number.
  2. The quickest command to make it pop up on the screen: dial *#06. (Note: If you are using dual SIM cards, two IMEI numbers will appear at the same time)
  3. Check the IMEI number on the reverse side of the cell phone. You can easily detect the IMEI number imprinted on the backside of the devices with an unremovable battery back cover. If your device uses a removable battery, you can just check the back side under the battery.
  4. Check the packaging of your cell phone. This might be the lastest resort and the only way after you have lost your cell phone. Find out the phone box and you can discover this magic number on the packaging.

Therefore, it is advisable that you should write down the IMEI number before you lose your cell phone in case you will need it one day!

How can you track a lost Android phone using the IMEI number?

Once you have kept your IMEI number, you can find it convenient for you to locate a lost phone when the need arises. Here we will list available ways for you to track a lost device with its current location without difficulty.

Method 1: Take help from your mobile device carrier or police

Thanks to carrier service providers, you can track a lost cell phone online for free with the IMEI number. On one hand, once your cell phone gets connected to a telecom network, your carriers can help track the current location of your cell phone. On the other hand, you can contact your mobile carrier to blacklist and disenable your IMEI number. In this way, your carrier can lock your cell phone remotely and disable all functions on your cell phone. In other words, it can make your cell phone a worthless brick in others’ hands. Just have your IMEI number ready and provide your carrier or police with your IMEI number. However, you should note that operators won’s budge without permission from the authorities. Therefore, you might mediate between them for a few hours, or even for a few days.

 Method 2: Use an IMEI number tracker

There are multiple IMEI number trackers accessible to the general public. Not only can an IMEI number tracker track a cell phone, but also it can enable an anti-theft feature. You can type in the IMEI number tracker on Google Play Store and choose one of the high-ranking IMEI number trackers. Then, you can key in the IMEI number of your cell phone by following the instruction of the IMEI number tool upon installation. You can set a notification when someone changes your SIM card. With the configuration, you will receive alerts and the latest location of your lost Android. Also, you can manage your cell phone remotely by sending the equivalent alarms, sending SMS, syncing data to a selected device, and more.

How can you track a lost Android phone without the IMEI number?

Despite the usefulness of the IMEI number, you can’t make sure that you write down the IMEI number or keep the packaging box, then how can you track a lost cell phone without the IMEI number? It can be a piece of cake with the assistance of phone number trackers. A phone number tracker allows you to find the exact location of a cell phone by phone number regardless of time and place. Compared with native phone locators like Find My Device and Find My iPhone, phone trackers provide you with real-time location tracking, updating every movement of your cell phone on the map. You can track any mobile device with a reliable mobile tracking tool. With the high flexibility and functionality, a phone number tracker can also help you in:

  1. Locate your lost cell phone in seconds
  2. Track your kids and safeguard their offline security
  3. Locate your partner and give you a sense of security
  4. Locate the senior and dispel your unease

The Bottom Line:

Although technological advancements continue to occur, we expect more people to adapt to the changing situations. In addition, you will never know and can’t tell when your lovely cell phone will get lost. If it has ever happened, then you should have learned a good lesson by now. If you have any questions, just leave your comments below.