How To Track A Lost Phone By Using GPS Tracking?

Millions of queries about tracking a lost phone can be targeted on the Internet—It can be thoroughly understood that people feel anxious to locate their lost cell phones, for it might be both challenging for finance and data protection. To help you out, we have decided to come up with an extensive guide on how to locate a lost phone. Both Android and iPhone users will benefit a lot from this post. Be easy, and you will find it pretty easy to find the exact location of a lost cell phone if you have grasped the right solution. Now, let’s proceed and get to know about the proven ways in detail.

How does GPS work on a cell phone?

You might be aware that GPS stands for Global Positioning System, but what is GPS and how can it help us track the real-time location of a cell phone? GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which was primarily designed for military use by the U.S. Army. Today, the wide equipment of GPS receivers on a cell phone enables civilian users to use the system without any restrictions. In other words, ordinary people can get access to the current phone location without any hassle.

The system is a radio-navigation system under the aegis of satellites and ground stations. The satellites work by sending signals down to the Earth. A GPS receiver will receive the signal and compare the time it is sent and received. The result will be used to estimate the distance between the satellite and the receiver of a mobile device. Therefore, you can find out where your cell phone has been at the moment!

The modern world has generated effective methods for you to track the exact location of a cell phone by GPS. Continue to scroll through the following parts and uncover the answers!

How to track a lost phone by using GPS tracking?

Tracking the real-time location of a lost phone can never be much easier for you in the digital era, for there are built-in location tracking services in mobile phones. Let’s look at these useful methods together!

Lost phone tracker-Viespy

Viespy has experienced enviable development during the past few years as a phone number tracker. With a high-accurate, real-time live location feature, Viespy is arguably the most optimal way to find a lost Android or iPhone device remotely. There is no need for you to preinstall any application on your cell phone. Instead, with just a few clicks on the web page, you will be able to determine the location of a lost phone. What else do you need to prepare? —The answer can be simple. Nothing but your cell phone number. We are not kidding! You just need to key in the phone number of your lost cell phone, Viespy will then figure out the exact location within seconds! Zero restrictions have been imposed on Viespy:

  1. Never will you worry about the location requests, for you can track massive cell phones with their cell phone numbers.
  2. No limitations on mobile brands, models, and carriers. Viespy has built up a shared community for phone location where you can track phone location under any circumstance.
  3. Zero regional boundaries. You will be able to track any mobile device on the globe.

Therefore, you can relieve yourself from unease about failing to find your lost cell phone with this powerful lost phone tracker-Viespy! Just come and have a fair deal with this fancy tool!

Find My Device-Free to track an Android

If you have an Android device, then you can take full advantage of the Find My Device feature to locate an Android. Find My Device is exclusively developed by Google to help Android users to track a lost Android without touching their cell phones. To know how to find a lost Android phone, follow the following steps:

  1. Head to the official website of Find My Device on your browser.
  2. Log in to your Google account(Friendly note: you should have launched your Google account on your lost cell phone as well, or the function might not work out the location of your cell phone.)
  3. Select “All Devices”, and choose the device you have lost.
  4. Click on the device and see the location of your cell phone.

Now, you can view the location of your lost Android, and the tool will update the location information of your cell phone at a regular interval, normally every 5 or 10 min. Apart from seeing the location of a lost phone, you will be about to manage your lost phone remotely including protecting the data security through setting a lost mode and erasing the data.

Find My iPhone-Free to locate a lost iPhone

The inception of Find My iPhone has helped iOS users to locate the location of Apple devices on the planet for free. The updated version has witnessed measure progressive of the tool, for it can track a cell phone even if it is offline. The tracking process can share similarities with Find My Device:

  1. Go to FIind My iPhone.
  2. Launch into your Apple credentials (Nicely remind: You should ensure your account has been launched on your lost cell phone.)
  3. Select “All Devices”, and choose your lost cell phone.
  4. Tab on the target, and you will be able to find out the exact location of a cell phone!

In the same way, Find My iPhone also allows you to take full control of your device remotely by preventing others from accessing your mobile device. If you detect that you will never get your cell phone back anymore, you can just erase the data remotely.

The final thoughts:

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