How To Track A Phone Without A Google Account?

Google has proffered many paths to us to locate any phone including Google Timelines and Find My Device, which are deemed as great helpers to track a cell phone. Despite the great convenience, we don’t want to be stuck for setting up a new account occasionally. Or sometimes, we might want to track someone’s phone via Google, we might need their Google passport. However, it can be difficult to know about their private passwords. Therefore, a question might arise—Is it still possible for us to locate any phone without a Google account, and how?  This article will give you a certain response to the question, just navigate the passage and find out the answer!

Is it possible to track a cell phone without a Google account?

The answer can be surely positive. It is definitively possible for us to locate any phone without a Google account. Modern technology has opened up increasing ways for us to track a cell phone without creating a new account or knowing the Google account. If you are searching for ways to locate any phone without a Google account, you are supposed to be ready for the next section!

How to locate any phone without a Google account?

This section will list the conventional and modern ways for you to choose from, just read the following methods thoroughly and carefully!

Way 1:  Ask the Carrier for help

It is one of the most traditional ways for you to track a cell phone. Once you have connected to the cellular network, your carrier will have recorded your location via GPS tracking. Your approximate position will be calculated via the distance between the GPS satellite and the GPS receiver of a cell phone. Therefore, if you want to track phone location, you can seek help from the carrier. You can figure out the carrier of a cell phone through the “Setting” section in a cell phone. Or some phones might display their carrier’s name on the top of the screen.

Way 2: Use IMEI number

IMEI number, a unique 15-digital number bestowed to a cell phone, is a great assistant when we are trying out all methods to track a cell phone. You can even locate any phone via IMEI number if a cell phone has changed its SIM card. The only prerequisite is to spot and write down the IMEI number of a phone. Here is how we can detect the IMEI number on a cell phone:

  1. The command to make it appear: dial *#06#
  2. Navigate the “Setting” section ( Android: Setting > About Phone > IMEI, while iPhone Setting > General > About Phone >IMEI number )
  3. The removable battery of a cell phone or the reverse side of a cell phone
  4. The packaging or the receipt of a cell phone

Since the IMEI number plays a salient role in locating a cell phone, it is recommended that we should write down the number and place it in a safe place. After you have gotten the unique number, you can adopt the following ways at your will:

  1. Call the mobile service provider to track a cell phone for us. Just provide the IMEI number and let the service provider do the rest job for us, but we might wait for a couple of days. If we need to locate any phone instantly, we’d better choose another approach.
  2. IMEI tracker can help us track phone location with ease and instantaneity. You can choose the online IMEI number to help you track a cell phone. Enter the IMEI number and follow the instruction, then we will be able to locate any phone in no time. What’s more. some IMEI trackers can help us prevent theft stealing with the anti-theft function.

Way 3: The specialized phone locator

This is a modern way for us to locate any phone via viewing the real-time moving of a cell phone. Compared with the native phone locators on our mobile phones like Find My Device, the specialized phone locator can offer a real-time location with the support of a phone number in a hidden way. With a reliable phone locator like Trackphone, you will be empowered to track a cell phone without a Google account. Now, let’s see what Trackphone can do for you:

  1. Track phone location without the restriction of operators, mobile brands, and models
  2. Locate any phone within five seconds
  3. Track a phone without app installation
  4. Pinpoint phone location in a secret way
  5. Timely resolve the problem under the guidance of the technical team

Follow the below steps, and you will be able to unlock the precision position of any phone around the globe:

  1. Enter the phone number you wish to pinpoint
  2. Make a secure payment
  3. Enter the phone number for receiving the digital map indicating the location information
  4. Be ready to check the location information on the map

As a robust phone locator, Trackphone allows you to identify the precise location of any phone number on a digital map with ease, enabling you to track a phone even if you don’t have a Google account.

Can we locate a phone even if it is switched off via a phone locator?

It is a pity that we might not locate a cell phone when it is off via a phone locator. Only when our phones are on and connected to the Internet can we track a cell phone via a phone number. In the same way, a phone locator will update the last known location of a cell phone before it is off. Once the cell phone has been on and connected to the Internet, it will present the latest phone location.

Final thoughts:

We hope that you will grasp the ways to locate any phone even if you don’t have a Google account after reading the post! If you have any doubts or anything to share, just leave your footprint and comments below, and we will be glad to see your sharing!