How To Track A Verizon Phone Via A Cell Phone Number?

Apart from home and school, today’s kids are spending their time on diverse and colorful activities in their childhood. They hang out with friends freely via various transportations. However, as parents, we are increasingly worried about their safety. Only when we have known about their real-time whereabouts can we relieve our anxiety. If you are using a Verizon phone, you can’t miss the family location service designed for safeguarding your family. Therefore, this post will present you with ways to track a Verizon phone via a phone number. In addition, to help you locate your kids much easier, we will analyze the merits and demerits of each way.

Ways to track a Verizon phone via a cell phone number

In fact, it can’t be much easier for you to track a cell phone via a phone number, for the technology is pushing GPS positioning technology forward. Verizon has launched its own app called Verizon Family Locator to help users to track a Verizon phone. Let’s have a detailed insight into the tool.

Way 1: Verizon Family Locator

Supported by the Verizon network and GPS technology, Verizon Family Locator has been one of the top options for Verizon users to track the location of their family. To track someone’s location via the Verizon phone, you are supposed to log in to the app. Upon your log-in, you can track a cell phone either on your device or tablet with a working network. As parents, not only can you track the real-time location of your kids, but also you get informed of their arrival time when they go to other places as well as their departure time. Therefore, although you can’t be with your kids all the time, you can leave with full knowledge of your kids’ whereabouts. Some features that you can enjoy on Verizon Family Locator when you are tracking a cell phone:

  1. Family dashboard: Verizon Family Locator offers versatile functions yet a simple dashboard to make your tracking simple. You can see the exact location of your family clearly and directly on the dashboard without any complicated steps. A more impressive function can be the storage of the location history for the last seven days.
  2. Map: Apart from tracking a cell phone of your loved ones in real time, the locator will enable you to see their location via a graphic view as well as a photo-realistic view. Therefore, you will familiarize yourself with the location individually and spot the potential dangers around your family as soon as possible.
  3. Easy interface. The Verizon Family Locator app is easy to use for both beginners and tech-savvy.


Some advantages of Verizon Family Locator:

  1. Easy for you to track phone location within the same network on the same bill
  2. Convenient to check the 7-day location history
  3. Effortless installation and tracking process
  4. Be Familiar with the surroundings of your family’s location with a satellite view
  5. Workable on up to ten devices

Some disadvantages that you need to know:

  1. No free trial period and you need to pay for a monthly subscription
  2. Only support Verizon phones
  3. Not as accurate on iOS devices compared to Android

Cost: $9.99 per month

Way 2: Viespy 

Although Verizon Family Locator is a good way for you to dispel your tension about the safety of your loved ones, you can’t track down a cell phone if your family is using a different service provider. Here, Viespy, as a specific phone locator, can provide you with a similar service. The phone locator is devoted to providing a high-quality location service for users, helping you to free from tension from your family members’ whereabouts. The phone locator allows you to track a cell phone via a cell phone number. What’s more,  You don’t even need to set up a new account. Only with a phone number can you be good to track someone. Here are some features of the phone number tracker:

  1. Quick way to get access to one’s location. You will be able to get someone’s exact location via just a cell phone.
  2. Easy entry to the real-time location. The phone locator allows you to view the real-time location via a digital map.
  3. Accurate location tracking with the application of advanced technology.
  4. Anonymous tracker. Viespy will stay undetectable, and you can track your kids without letting them know.

Some advantages that make it apart from other tools:

  1. No installation of the app. You can just track down your family online without any installation of the app.
  2. Zero restrictions on mobile brands, carriers, and network. You can still track your kids even if they aren’t using Verizon phones.
  3. Whole tracking scale. No matter where your family members go, the phone tracker can track down the exact location of your members.
  4. Utterly hidden tracker. No one will spot that you are tracking down his/her location.
  5. 24/7 problem resolution. You can gain a hassle-free experience and an instant problem solution.
  6. A trial period. Make sure that you are satisfied with the service before you purchase the service.

Cost: $0.99 for a trial period and you can quit the service at any moment.

Final thoughts:

Though the modern world is posing more threats to our family members. However, you can easily use modern technology to your advantage. There are many online services designed for helping us to safeguard our kids like Verizon Family Locator. Also, a phone locator like Viespy is a fantastic tool for you to pinpoint the location of your family members.