How to track your iPhone without internet?

How to track your iPhone without internet?

Finding an iPhone is easy feat if you take the right tools. Apple’s Find My iPhone, location tracking app or web-based service can track your iPhone that’s simply lost within your house, probably under a pile of clothes or books, or inside your comfy couch. However, all these happen on an iPhone that has internet connection. If you want to track an iPhone without internet, you can follow this tutorial and learn effective ways.

Is it possible to track iPhone without internet?

It’s no secret that one can make use of Find My iPhone to track a lost or stolen phone. It could remotely play the sound for easier locating the handset when it’s nearby. You’re also given option to lock or even erase the date on the device. However, this feature can work properly when internet connection is activated on the iPhone or the phonoe is under some WiFi coverage.  The moment the internet connection is disabled, Find My iPhone won’t work as intended.  Thankfully, it’s still possible to track an iPhone without internet. The following methods can help you find an iPhone without using active internet connection.

How to find iPhone location using iMessages?

If there is no internet connection, you can take advantage of iMessage to get your iPhone location. For this to work, Google Maps should be installed on the smartphone. Then you can send SMS to get location of your iPhone. Here’s how you can ask someone to send you their location using message:

  • Open your iPhone and tap “Messages”
  • From the “Messages”, tap the edit button at the top right
  • At the “New message” window, tap the Google Map icon
  • iPhone will then show your location below. Make sure the iPhone is GPS enabled
  • Tap the Send icon to send your location using SMS
  • Your new message will display the GPS of the iPhone current location
  • Fill up the email and tap Send

Once done, the receiver of the SMS message can use that GPS location to track the iPhone without internet. No in-depth knowledge is required during the procedure.

How to track your iPhone from photos?

Some of us may be surprised to find that iPhone allows us to extract the location from the photos that was taken. iPhone photos actually come with details such as location and GPS coordinate. Follow the steps to track location based on EXIF data on JPEG.

  • Take a picture of your current location.
  • Tap “Photos” to open your iPhone’s photo gallery
  • Select the photo where you have just taken
  • In the selected photo, swipe up. It will show the place where the picture is taken
  • You can choose to see the picture in a map, hybrid or satellite view
  • The iPhone location can be tracked based on the map shown there

How to track iPhone location using compass app?

Apple device also comes with native compass app that enables you to extract the GPS coordinates of your iPhone. By default, this application is enabled on the device. If you want to use compass to track your iPhone without internet, simply follow these steps:

  • Open compass app and enable GPS location sharing
  • In the compass, the coordinates of the iPhone will be shown
  • Tap the coordinates more than 3 seconds and tap “copy”
  • Open the Message function in iPhone
  • Paste the coordinate and send the location using your mobile data via SMS

Can I track an iPhone using Bluetooth?

Yes, Find My app makes use of Bluetooth connectivity at all times so that it can beam the geolocation of the device on to the nearby Apple device, which will relay the location to cloud. You’ll be able to see the exact location of the offline or stolen device remotely. In particular, the entire interaction is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous.

Final thoughts

In case your mobile phone is not connected to the internet, you still can identify its location using the above methods. You can either use Find My app that utilizes Bluetooth connectivity to track your lost iPhone, or employ native features such as iMessage, photos or compass app. They offer easy way to find your iPhone without being connected to an active internet.