The Best Ever Solution for Tracking Your Kids Using Mobile Phone

In our busy and sometimes dangerous world, location tracking of children has become a popular choice for parents. Whether you want to keep a close eye on your teens or add an additional layer of security, your mobile phone would be of great help. GPS technology built into your phone enables you to ping or identify the location of a phone. Here’s our selection of the best-ever solutions for tracking a child’s whereabouts.

Way 1. Track your kids using Find My

If you and your kids are using Apple devices, Find My can be used to locate family members and friends and display the location on Apple Maps. This application comes pre-installed on your iPhone and also encompasses Find My iPhone. Apart from the location of your kids, it also can help you find your iPhone by getting them to make a loud noise, enabling lock screen messages. To track your kids using Find My app, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Find My app and tap People.
  • Kids sharing their location with you will then appear on the map.
  • You can tap a person’s name to interact with them.
  • Tap Directions to luanch Apple Maps with step-by-step directions to their location

If the location of your kids is not invisible, you may have to ask them to enable location sharing with you. Kids can do that on their iPhone by going to Settings > Privacy > Location services > share my location. They can tap your name under the Family section of the Find My, then tap Share my location.

Way 2. Track your kids using Google Maps

Google has its own alternative to Apple family sharing, and it does not limited to Android devices. Parents can use Google Maps to keep up with where your kids are going. It allows users to share location with others for an hour or indefinitely. There is no need to add any additional software or pay any fees.

While it isn’t a dedicated GPS location tracker, it’s still a useful way to stay connected on a more ad-hoc basis. It works with Google Maps and there is no need to add any additional software or pay any fees. To track your kids using mobile phone, you can follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps on target device.
  • Tap Location sharing from the menu.
  • Tap Get started.
  • Select how long to share their location.
  • Tap select people to determine who can see their location.
  • Tap Share.
  • Whenever you open Google Maps, it will show you the location of your kids.

Way 3. Track your kids using Snapchat

If your kids are always on Snapchat, you can utilize Snapt Map feature to track your kids’ location. For this to work, you also need to download and open a Snapchat account. Here’s how you can operate in your kids’ device:

  • Open Snapchat app and swipe down to enter the Snap Map.
  • Tap the Settings icon at the top right.
  • Enable the “Ghost Mode” that will make your kid appear in the Snap Map.
  • If you do not want someone to see your kids location, you can choose “Only these friends”.

Is built-in location tracking good enough?

Now you know that both Android and iOS devices come with built-in features, which can be used to track your children. They also help you find a misplaced or stolen phone. However, it requires the target’s Google or iCloud account information. Moreover, it’s easy for kids to disable the feature and stop location sharing, which makes it impossible to track. That’s why some parents are looking for a solution that doesn’t allow the kids to turn off tracking services or the GPS.

What is the best way to track your kids using mobile phone?

Available on both Android and iOS device, TrackPhone is designed to simplify staying connected with your close family members. It does not require you to install any software on the target device so your kids won’t know its presence. This web-based service allows you to locate your kids by phone number, regardless of phone brands, models or operators they choose.

Every time you want to check your kids’ phone location, simply log into your account and enter the phone number to get started. It will show you the whereabouts of kids on the interactive map. You can check the detailed location information including current state, city, street name and timestamp.

When you will find this feature helpful?

By tracking kids’ location, parents can know that kids hold to their promise of going to someplace instead of going to another place that you don’t know. You can provide timely help in case of emergency. But before you start to track your kid’s location, it’s better to discuss first with your kids and tell them that you want to follow their location for security reason. Do not locate their whereabouts without them knowing because parents need to respect their privacy sometimes.

Closing thoughts

Child safety is consider as parent’s first priority and our mobile phone can help with that. With the built-in location tracking features, parents can track your kids’ GPS location and get peace of mind. If you want to prevent tech-savvy kids from turning off the feature, you’d better resort to phone number tracker. Type in the phone number and get instant result!