Top 3 Boyfriend Phone Location Trackers in 2022

It is human instinct that we will be deeply concerned about the well-being of our loved ones, including our partners. When our partners haven’t reached home until midnight, we are frantic with anxiety, wondering where he/she is and what happened to him/her. When our partners are trying to hide something from us or excuse us from going somewhere frequently, we tend to find out the truth, seeing whether they are cheating on us or not. The proliferation of phone location trackers for boyfriends helps us reveal the truth, knowing where to find our spouses within seconds! Therefore, in this guide, we will review the top 3 boyfriend phone location trackers in 2022. Never will it be a tough process for you to find out the phone location of your loved ones.

Viespy-The quickest way to track boyfriend’s location

Feel amazed at tracking one’s cell phone with a simple touch with the target phone in the film? Viespy enables you to be the protagonist in the movie-even more surprisingly, you can figure out the real-time phone location of your boyfriend without touching his cell phone. All that you need is just the phone number of your boyfriend. The online phone number tracker works in simple way-It lets you identify one’s location by phone number within a few clicks on the web page. It can go beyond a simple phone tracker, it never confines to any barriers:

  1. Any phone models, carriers, or network. Support multi-platform operation, you can track any phone within a few seconds.
  2. Full coverage of the landscape. You can track someone’s phone location even if he is going abroad.
  3. No risks of exposing your identity. The phone location tracker lets you remain anonymous and concealed while tracking someone’s location. There will be no interruption in one’s usage of a cell phone.
  4. Zero requirements on app installation. The entire process can work smoothly online without any app installed on any phone.

Just with an intelligible message, you will be able to track phone location of your boyfriend effortlessly.

Price: $0.99 for the trial period

Google Maps-A free boyfriend tracker application

Google Maps might be one of the most powerful location-tracking apps in the arsenal for both Android and iOS users. You can track one’s location by the number on Google Maps for free. If you have ever shared location with your boyfriend, or he has enabled the location feature on Google Maps, you can see his real-time location on the digital map on the homepage. However, some limitations you might meet when you are using Google Maps to track your boyfriend’s location:

  1. Make sure your boyfriend has given his permission to Googe Map’s location feature.
  2. Set the time duration, and once the time expires, you need to restart the process.
  3. The permission of your boyfriend is a must if you want to track his location.
  4. You can’t be a hidden tracker, for the app will send a message informing your boyfriend. ( XYZ is tracking your location)

Price: For free and support both Android and iOS

EyeZy-A comprehensive phone number tracker to track your boyfriend

EyeZy is out of the top-rated phone tracking app for your boyfriend. It leaves no room for unfaithful and dishonest practice. The app is packed with handy features ranging from phone location tracking to social media tracking. Location data will be updated every few minutes as long as the target phone is on. What’s more, the tracking app can track your boyfriend without letting him know. The features enable you to find out where your boyfriend is, whether he visits his ex-lover’s house or just goes to a friend’s house. All are within a few clicks on your dashboard. The app has the capacity of working on both iOS and Android devices. Surely, with a package of useful features, you might pay more for the considerable services.

Price: No free trial, and $119.88/year

How to choose the best boyfriend location tracker?

The booming development of location tracking technology has led to miscellaneous boyfriend location trackers in the market, which are dazzling our eyes. You might be at loss at finding the best one, so we will give you some criteria here:

  1. Ease of use. Both tech-savvy and novice can feel easy to utilize the location tracking feature.
  2. Safe to use. The tool will protect personal information and won’t sell any information to ill-purposed parties.
  3. Compatibility on different devices. You should make sure the services can work smoothly on various devices.
  4. Affordable price. Everyone wants to enjoy the best service at the most considerate price. Therefore, the cost should be one of the most important considerations. When it comes to the free one, you should be warier of the hidden dangers, for most of the services are collecting your information under the cover of the service.
  5. Comments from real users. Users are the targets of a specific product, and they have a say in the service. Therefore, you can pay more attention to the comments from real users before you make a decision.
  6. Customer support. There is no guarantee for a service even if the product is the best in the world. It might be inevitable that you might encounter technical problems while using the tool. A 24/7 customer support can resolve the problems for you instantly.

Here are some of the rules for you to choose the best tool among massive competitors in the market.

The final-tips on improving your relationship

The core of a relationship will never change even if you are using a boyfriend tracker. Mutual trust and respect can be a major role in an intimate relationship. A handy modern tool can just be a tool rather than the only way for you. A boyfriend tracker can help you secure the offline safety of your loved one, enabling you to track his real-time location on the way home without disturbing him when he is driving. The tool can help you develop trust and gain a sense of security in the relationship. Also, when you find that your partner might cheat on you, it is the tool that can help you uncover the truth and do the right decision bravely. Therefore, you should properly use the technology to serve for your relationship.

That’s one of the goals of our article. We are encouraging you to enjoy the benefits brought by the modern technology.