Top 6 Picks Cell Phone Tracker in 2022

Would you like to track the location of the phone or its owner? You are in the correct place!  The apps we are going to list in this article can help. But here comes the question: you may wonder what you could use a cell phone tracker app for? So, for today’s post, we will not only give an overview of its uses but also discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of our top six picks below.

List of Top 6 Cell Phone Tracker Apps

1. iSharing

One of the most salient features of iSharing over other apps is the walkie-talkie option. It lets you send and receive voice messages with family members or friends without paying a dime. Like many other family tracking apps, this app also offers you the same benefits like current location tracking, real-time alerts, GPS tracking of a lost phone, and more. It offers both a free and premium version to meet your requirements. If you wish to unlock more fancy features, you will have to pay $3.99 a month.

Pros of iSharing:

  • real-time locations of family members
  • Can be used as a Walkie-talkie and send free voice messages
  • Get notification alerts when friends nearby

Cons of iSharing:

  • Premium subscription is needed for the best features

Support for: iOS and Android

2. Where’s My Droid

You may know that the Where’s My Droid is one of the earliest phone tracking apps out in the Android market. And, it’s still people’s first option when it comes to safeguarding a mobile device. This app helps you find a lost or stolen device, even if it is running out of charge. Another remarkable feature of this tool includes the ability to lock, wipe the SD card and phone data, secure passcode, and more without having to touch the phone. Where’s My Droid gives a free version and a paid version for users. The latter costs $0.99 per month.

Pros of Where’s My Droid

  • Locate lost device by a ring, vibrate, and GPS technology
  • Lock phone and wipe data remotely
  • Less power consumption

Cons of Where’s My Droid

  • Most features are paid
  • Inaccurate results sometimes

Support for: Android

3. Find My Phone Whistle

If you are the type of person who tends to misplace your Android phone or tablet, this app is all you need! It is quite straightforward to use, simply set it up, and when you whistle, it will automatically make a loud noise, even if it’s set in silent mode. However, the potential downside of this is that the app responds to all whistling and other noises made by people. Find My Phone Whistle is free to use. If you want to update to the premium version for additional features, paying with $0.99.

Pros of Find My Phone Whistle:

  • Simple and easy setup process
  • Allow customized the sound you wish your phone to make when whistling for it
  • Save time and money

Cons of Find My Phone Whistle:

  • Fail to work if a lot of background noise here while you whistle

Support for: Android

4. Find My

Apple’s Find My mixes the features of its Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into a comprehensive app for iOS13 or later version. With the help of Find My, you can share your location with family members and friends at any time. What’s more, you can create location-based alerts with it, so that you can ensure family members’ safety at any time. In case you don’t want to share location anymore, you can easily stop at any time. Find My comes pre-installed on iOS devices, and it’s completely free to use.

Pros of Find My

  • Widely used from Apple devices
  • Includes parental controls
  • Share location with people using AirDrop

Cons of Find My

  • Only compatible with iOS

Support for: iOS 13 and up

5. Phone Number Tracker

The TrackPhone – Phone Number Tracker lets you locate any phone in 5 seconds and with no software apps needed to be installed on the phone. Based on powerful GPS technology, this tool allows you to see the real-time location of those who you know or love to be tracked, knowing when your partner or other family members leave and arrive at the specified location. Just enter the phone number and find the location with only one click. Phone number tracker provides all users with an affordable $0.99 within 48 hours subscription plan right now.

Pros of Phone Number Tracker:

  • Accurate report
  • User-friendly web-based interface
  • Work in stealth mode
  • No installation needed

Cons of Phone Number Tracker:

  • Subscribe to start the track
  • Expensive month plan

Support for: iOS, Android, and Windows  

6. Geo-Tracker

The last app is widely used by all Android devices to track a cell phone location for free. You can locate this app from Google Play Store at ease and make full use of it to track your kid or spouse. For example, while you are on a foreign trip, use this app to share your location with your family and friends. Additionally, with it, you can also monitor the speed of your car when you are navigating. Most importantly, this Geo-Tracker allows you to use all these features at free cost.

Pros of Geo-Tracker:

  • Can be used as a navigation tool
  • Free to use

Cons of Geo-Tracker:

  • Only compatible with Android devices

Support for: Android

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