Top Items That Are Easy To Lose And How To Find Them

Believe it or not, the following scenarios are commonly seen in our daily life. We are searching our keys before we go out for work. We are looking around to find our wallet when we are going to pay for what we have bought and seeking our phone when we want to call our friends. There are moments when we misplace or lose thing or we can’t find the things that were right there a moment ago. The post will list the top items that are easy to lose and guide you to find these items. Let’s look through the post together!

Top Items That Are Easy To Lose

According to the survey conducted before, we have concluded several top items that are easy to lose. Check if you also have a similar idea here:

  • Car or house key
  • Wallet
  • Cellphone
  • Glasses
  • TV Remote

Above are the top items that are easy to lose that we conclude from researches in US and UK. What’s worth mentioning is that the vast majority of people also enlist phone as one of things that they lose most on public transport. An interesting conclusion from surveys is that Sunday is the top day to lose your phone probably because we have relaxing weekends without any interruptions. The anxiety and insecurity of losing things drive us crazy. However, just be relaxed as it is very common for most of us. Losing something can also be a sign that you are busy, distracted and tired. Instead of being mad at our lost items and controlled by the negative emotion, we should grasp the ways to find the lost things and try to avoid losing them next time. How? Let’s move to the next section!

How to find your lost items?

  • Determine the last time and place you saw the lost things

The first step is to calm down and picture and retrace where you last saw the lost things. It is difficult for you to sort out the exact spot where you lost it. Just write down the possible places, and then you can revisit those places and search for the lost items. If you’re lucky, you just dropped the missing item and you’ll stumble upon it again just by walking through the space. Provided that it is not there, continue to broaden your search area–even if you don’t usually bring your keys into the bathroom, you should still check there!

If you have lost your phone somewhere, you can just call your cellphone and the ring will lead you the way. Of course, if you have used cellphone locator, it will be much easier. You can locate your phone via phone number. More details can head to:

  • Doing a Systematic Search

We have mentioned about expanding the search area, this way can be more effective if you make sure that you lose the items at home. You can widen your searching area like living room, bathroom and so on. However, sometimes even expanding the search area doesn’t help you find what you’re looking for. At the moment, you might need do some cleaning especially if you are in a mess room. While doing cleaning, you will find out what you want while doing some cleaning. Just tidy up the area to get rid of any clutter and your missing item just may turn up.

  • Seeking help from others to find the lost items

If you stay with friends, co-workers, you can first ask them if they have borrowed or moved it. If not, you can seek help from your friends, asking them to find the lost items with you together. How about losing items in public places? Don’t be panic. First of all, you can go to the lost and found office to see whether anyone has picked it up and handed it to the office. If not, you can take advantage loudspeaker of the office, which can amplify the news and expedite your way to find lost property. A more traditional way can be posting notice on the bull-in boards in the area. On the post, you can have a more specific description of your lost item and leave your contact number and rewards, which can boost more people to help you.

Compared with finding our valued lost items, it is more important that we should avoid losing items next time. Therefore, the next part will instruct you to keep yourself from losing things in the future.

How to keep yourself from losing things in the future?

  • Focus on the items that you lose frequently

Start with the ones you lost frequently and easily, you can make a list of the items you misplace easily in your daily life. Many items can be enlisted such as keys, TV remotes, phone, glasses and so on. Once you have listed the items, you can figure the respective tactics to avoid losing them.

  • Form a good habit to place everything in a specific place

Most of us have a general place where we put our personal items, you can nurture it as the habit. For example, you can put you TV remote on the drawer instead of on the table. Your keys can be placed on the blue bowl on the table by the door. You can stick to putting your belongings in a specific place for a period of time, then you can form a good habit and will never forget where you put your belongings.

  • Keep clean, tidy and organized

Not only clutter is hampering our way to find items, but it is one of the chief culprit for our loss of property. It is easy to understand, if your table is covered by mountains of paper, you might not find you key buried in the paper. Instead, you can detect you key easily if your table is clean and tidy. In addition, keeping clean, tidy and organized can usually exert a positive influence on our own mood.

  • Set up reminder

Modern technology can be of great help in finding lost items as well. You can set up reminder on your mobile phones to remind yourself of where each item is. With your cellphone reminder in your hand, you will never forget where you put your belongings. If your phone is hidden under the pillow or under the couch, you can also use the technology to do you a favor. With the cellphone locator, you can locate your phone without any delay.

Final thoughts:

Here are the ways to help you find you items and avoid losing your belongings. Just take some time for yourself and prioritize. Organize yourself and make sure to get enough rest and you should see an immediate improvement in your memory’s capabilities, so that you will detect your items.

If you have any other great ways to share with us, please leave your comments below!