Top Three Location Tracking Apps in 2022

Finding someone’s location has been a handy feature in this new era. Every smartphone has a GPS feature that you can utilize to see any phone location on earth. With such features, others can determine your current location. Also, you can grab the real-time location of your loved ones by phone. Location tracking apps are widely adopted to guarantee your well-being and peace of mind. Location tracking apps require you to track someone’s location with an installation of an app on mobile devices. Considering a great number of location tracking apps emerging in the modern market, it will be a little bit intractable for you to choose the right one. The write-up is aimed at saving your time and energy in choosing location tracking apps. If you are searching for tracking tools, just save the post and try them out!

Our criteria for choosing the best location tracking tools:

Before we release our picks of location tracking applications, let’s clarify our criteria for choosing the most outstanding location tracking tools.

  1. Guaranteed and quick location results. The core and prime goal for us to use a mobile tracking tool lies in tracking phone location precisely and effectively. Therefore, the accuracy and effectiveness of a tool should be given priority.
  2. Application to all mobile brands, models, and so on. A considerate location tracking tool should take mobile brands into consideration, which can be compatible with different mobile brands and models.
  3. Ease of use. No matter whether you are tech-savvy or a green hand, you can master the tracking process easily.
  4. Security. Under no circumstance should we ignore cyber security. Therefore, when we install the application and register the account, you should make sure that your private information will be under encryption.
  5. Real-time location tracking. A real-time update of location can help you find out the latest location of your loved ones, helping you gain peace of mind.
  6. Real comments from users. Users, as the targets of the products, have a say in the service. Therefore, real comments from users have referential significance.
  7. Location history. If you want to know more about the routine route of your loved ones, storage of location history can be a great help for you.
  8. Anonymity. You can track someone’s phone location without interrupting his usage of his cell phone.
  9. Affordable price. A trial period can print an overall picture of the tool for you. You can decide whether it is a worthy try for you to purchase the service.

Above we have listed some rules for us to pick up the best location tracking application. Let’s move to the top resorts in the next section!

Our top picks of mobile location tracking tools in 2022

Tool 1: Glympse

If you are searching for a fast and free tool to share and track mobile location. Glympse can be your best choice. Want to share or track someone’s location? Guess what? You just need to send a Glympse, and you can view the location update on a digital map. The fantastic tool enables you to track the location of someone, even a delivery man. Therefore, not only can you share your location with your friends, but also you can track your package through your cell phone phone. Therefore, just apply the application in your daily life. You will enjoy its fancy features for free.

Tool 2: Find My Kids

Find My Kids is designed for protecting kids’ safety. The application is one of the top-listed parental control apps that every modern parent should have. The GPS tracking function lets you track the location of your loved ones. It has many features that help it outstrip other competitors. Firstly, it enables you to listen to what’s happening around the child, so that you can relieve your unease when you can’t find your kids. Another pro is that the app can work with a smartwatch. Once your kid has worn the specific watch, you can track real-time location of your loved ones!

Tool 3: My Family

Forming a family circle, My Family allows you to track your buddies in a private circle. Just invite your friends to join the circle, and they will present on your map. One tap on the icon, and you can grasp their real-time location. The app will be especially useful if your buddies are always on business trips, for it will present you with transportation records. What’s more, you can also use the app to check one’s browsing history, app usage, and movements on his cell phone.

How to track phone location without the software?

It might be time-wasting conduct for you to download and install a mobile application when you need to track someone. You also need to heed the phone storage. Therefore, online phone locators emerge as resorts to dispelling these worries. In the same way, many online phone trackers are claiming that they are the most professional and superior ones. However, is it the case? Here we will also recommend an anonymous mobile tracker for you-Viespy! Highlights can be enumerated in the following section:

  1. Skip app installation, allowing you to pinpoint phone location online
  2. Workability on all mobile brands and models, freeing you from worries about the disability of working on your cell phone
  3. Never encumber one’s phone usage and conceal your identity
  4. Fast and accurate results
  5.  100% safe to use

Since its launch, Viespy has been accumulating an increasing number of users and receiving many positive comments. Therefore, it is surely the best option for thousands of users. You can also enjoy a trial period for just $0.99. Just take it easy!

Final Words:

We sincerely hope that this post will help you in choosing the best location applications for you! If you have any doubts, feel free to leave your comments below!