How can I monitor my child’s phone without them knowing?

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The online world can be a hazardous place for kids especially when they are unsupervised. Responsible parents must take precautions to ensure kids’ security and safety. The proven way to do this is to monitor kids’ phone using the latest phone spy software. Let’s explore and learn how to monitor kids’ phone without them knowing to ensure their security.

monitor my child’s phone

What really trigger parents to monitor kid’s phone?

Parents may concern about where kids are and what they are doing as all kinds of dangers like online predators, bullies and sexting are lurk on the internet. Bullying may occur at any time when kids are using messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instargram. Bullies use abusive language and racist sentences to humiliate a child for the sake of fun. Kids are likely to be bullied online but don’t talk to their parents and often goes into a deep depression. Plus, kids who spend all day long on smartphones and do activities such as texting, sexting, make calls on instant messaging apps often become obsessed with social media. Finally, they don’t want to have a social real life. Therefore, one thing some parents may turn to is monitoring their kids without them knowing in order to know what they are up to and avoid potential dangers.

How to monitor kid’s phone without them knowing?

When you Google or search online about ways to monitor kid’s phone, several app suggestions will pop up on the screen. You may find it hard to pick the best one as it’s impossible for you to review all options. Moreover, each of them are described as the best and safest way to track your kid’s phone. However, few of them actually work and some apps even collect information from your kid’s device. That’s where Chamspy comes in.

Chamspy is a reliable and all-in-one phone spy software that allows you to monitor kids’ phone without them knowing. It requires physical access to target Android device. This application is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.x up to 10.x. you can follow the steps to monitor kid’s phone:

Step 1. Select the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase

Step 2. Receive an email with the login and password to your personal control panel, log in to your panel to find the installation instructions

Step 3. Launch the target phone’s browser, type in the link for downloading Chamspy and continue with the installation

Step 4. Once completed, log in to your control panel and monitor kid’s phone

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On the contrary, if you are iOS users, no download and physical access are needed. It works on iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.4x and above. Steps to monitor kid’s phone are as follows:

Step 1. Register your Chamspy account with email for free

Step 2. Add the iCloud details of the target device and disable the two-factor authentication

Step 3. Log into your account on any browser and block apps on iPad

What can you get from phone spy software?

Once you set it up, you can remotely and discreetly monitor kid’s phone. Chamspy works in stealth mode without any traces. It doesn’t drain much battery or slow down the phone. You can make use of this phone spy software without any worries. Let’s take a deep dive into its most effective features:

Real time location tracking

It’s capable of tracking live location along with time, address, latitude and longitude. You can know where exactly your kids are and ensure their safety.

Geofence alert

It allows you to create virtual fences on the digital map. If your kid crosses the boundary you will be notified. This feature is pretty useful if you live in a remote and high-crime area.

Geofence alert

Messaging app monitoring

You can get access to all activities on messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder. You’ll be able to monitor text messages, group chat, photo and videos sent via messaging apps.

App & games control

it empowers to access installed apps and games on target device. If you find out any apps that are not suitable for your kids, you can block them and prevent your kids from using them.

Keyword alert

If inappropriate keywords are used on your kid’s phone, you will be notified. You can easily know whether your kids are searching for information on sex, porn, drug or violence.


If you wonder how to monitor your childs phone without them knowing, we hope that you now know what to do. Consider the phone spy software Chamspy, and you will never go wrong. It allows you to monitor your child’s phone without their knowledge, making sure they are safe and sound while they enjoy the online world.

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