How to block restricted calls on Android phone?

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We’ve all been there: receiving repetitious calls from telemarketers or annoying strangers. Even worse, you couldn’t call back and tell them to stop as they hidden or restricted numbers to contact you. It’s also possible that kids may receive unwanted calls that harass them. For this reason, we should look for ways to block restricted calls. In this article, we’ll discuss how to block unwanted calls on Android. Read on and follow the guide to restrict suspicious calls.



Why you should block restricted calls?


The most common reason to block calls is to ensure your loved one’s security. Chances are that scammers call from restricted numbers that are pretty hard to track and persuade naive individuals to share their personal information. Moreover, online predators will seek young victims to abuse. If your kid’s phone number gets into the hands of predators, they are likely to call your kids and pressure them to meet up. Thus, it’s essential for parents to block restricted calls and ensure kids’ security.

On the contrary, some employees are likely to contact with rivals and you might be blissfully unaware. If you employee try to hide something and there are some changes in her/his behavior, you should be alert. Employers can block unwanted calls on company-owned device and avoid potential risks.


How to block restricted calls on Android?


There are several options to block restricted calls on Android phone. You can use one of the methods described below. Each has its own pros and cons so you can weigh up and pick the best one.


Use the blocking feature


Most mobile phone models are equipped with blocking feature to block incoming calls. You can use a blocking feature on your kid’s phone by accessing its Security or Settings. If you are not sure about your kid’s phone having a blocking feature, contact the manufacturer’s support representatives to find out.



Contact mobile phone provider


Another approach to block restricted calls is to contact mobile phone provider. You just need to head over to their official website, contact support managers and ask if they can block restricted calls. Note that you may need to pay a fee depending on your provider’s policy.


Contact the National Do Not Call Registry


You can contact the National Do Not Call Registry to block restricted calls. The organization is supposed to protect people from annoying telemarketers and strangers. It provide you with services for free. However, you will keep receiving calls from charities, political groups and businesses you deal with.


Block restricted calls with Chamspy


If you want to block restricted calls, the best way is to use an Android parental control app like Chamspy. You don’t have to dig through phone settings or contact mobile phone providers every time you or your kids receive another suspicious calls. This intuitive tool is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.x up to 10.x. Just follow the steps to block unwanted calls:

Step 1. Choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase

Step 2. Receive an email with the login and password to your personal control panel, log in to your panel to find the installation instructions

Step 3. Launch the target phone’s browser, type in the link for downloading Chamspy and continue with the installation

Step 4. Once done, block restricted calls

With Chamspy, you can view the list of incoming and outgoing calls on target phone. Call duration, number, name and date can be available. Call logs will tell you who your loved ones are talking to or who’s calling your employees. If you find that your kids often make long calls with others or there are strange calls that cause harassment to your kids, you can use Chamspy’s call blocking feature to prevent unwanted communication. Employers also can know if employees are talking to rivals and sharing confidential information.



This application allows you to set your limit rules in control panel. You just need to add the phone number you want to limit and click the “Block” button. More importantly, it works in stealth mode and enables you to block calls discreetly. Kids’ phone activities won’t be interfered with.


Wrapping up


This blog points out four feasible ways to block restricted calls on Android phone. You can pick one that matters to you and follow the instructions. The most suggested way is to use an Android parental control app like Chamspy that empowers you to block unwanted calls in an effective way.

chamspy app

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