How to keep your elderly safe?

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As our parents get older, we will more and more worry about their safety. The younger generation needs to work in big cities, but the elderly parents are more willing to stay in the countryside which is far away from the city. However, working people can not stay with their elder parents all the time. How to pay more attention to their elderly parents’ safety without delaying work become the difficulties faced by younger generation. Determining the physical location of elderly parents may be able to solve this problem well.

Studies show that elder people wants to stay in their homes for as long as possible as they age. Although it is important for seniors to remain in familiar surroundings like the comfort of their own home, is it really always safe? Let’s talk about how to keep your elderly safe when you are not staying with them.

Tips for protect your elderly safe

To keep the elderly safe in their own homes, it’s best to start preparing before an emergency or life-changing event. Proper precautions can reduce fall risks, and fewer injuries make it easier for seniors to age at home.

Keep the house bright

Seniors who have a hard time seeing are at an increased risk of accidents. Keeping the home well-lit is an important step in ensuring long-term independent living. You can install more lighting equipment inside the house in order to add layer of safety for your elderly parents. You can also install glow-in-the-dark light switches or motion-sensor lighting throughout your home, so seniors do not need to struggle to find the light switch in the dark.

Use GPS technology or cell phone locator

Most elderly people will have a smartphone today, even if they don’t know how to use it very proficiently. Install a family locator can help you always locate your elderly parents and pay attention to their safety, meanwhile, can let them feel more freedom.

Family locator also provide SOS function. If the elderly parents have an accident in their home, they can use this SOS function to let the family members know they need help and go to their places on time.

Another benefit of adding family locator to your elderly parents’ smartphone is that it provides them an easy way to call for help. By using family locator, you can click a button to ask the family for help when needed when you set up the appropriate sharing settings. This allows your elderly parents to have maximum safety while feeling independent.

Keep the floor clean

Clean up regularly to keep the floor clean in order to prevent your elderly parents to be tripped. If there have pets or kids in the house, you should pick up the toys. Area rugs, electrical cords, low tables, and ottomans are all risks so you need to Install non-slip flooring and cover all cords and wires.

Clear the Outdoors

Your elderly parents maybe like to wander around their yard. Don’t forget to clear outdoor spaces. Make sure your outdoors clear and prevent them from being tripped like rocks and roots from the yard. Let your elderly parents wander around the yard more safety.

Avoid exposure to damaging tools

Lock all drawers and cabinets containing knives, cleaning supplies, and medication. Also, secure garages or basements that may contain harmful chemicals or machinery. Prevent elderly parents touch these tools with a more damaging. Let them live in a safer environment.

Bathroom safety

Every year, there are more than 14% elderly people are hospitalized because gets hurt in the bathroom. A lot of them slip on the floor when they are bathing. So you need to install a bathroom grab bars and place a non-slip mat down on the floor to prevent they will slip. Placing a stool to sit in the bathroom in case of they can’t quite stand long enough for the full shower time.

Final thoughts

Although these tips can extend the time our elderly parents can stay in their home safely. However, we should spend more time on our elderly parents. By using a family locator app to locate their whereabouts and see the real-time location. Let them feel you are staying with them even if you are not really around them.

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