How to read someone’s text messages without their phone?

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Noticed something strange about your child? Your child is glued to phone screen and typing much on the phone. Or it seems that there are some changes in your employee’s behavior. To remove doubts, the best way is to track their text messages and find out the truth. Here is a detailed guide to read someone’s text messages without their phone. Without further waiting, here it goes.



Why you need to read someone’s text message?


In some cases, it’s quite reasonable to read someone’s text messages. Might be the concerned parents want to know what text message their children sent and received and ensure they interact with the right people. However, it’s not an easy job to get the trust of your children and check their phone with their consent. Most children may feel that you seem to be trying to limit their interaction. In this case, applications that enables you to read text messages without their phone will become useful.

On the contrary, employers want to know what employees are doing with company-owned device. They want to ensure that company resources are fully utilized and there are no external security threats. Regardless of reasons, it’s essential to ensure employees do not leak confidential information via text message. Therefore, there is a need to read someone’s text messages for parental control or company privacy.


How to read someone’s text messages without having the phone?


When you search on Google about ways for reading someone’s text messages, you will likely be presented with dozens of different ways. You will find some answers like using iCloud backup, utilizing message syncing, etc. Chances are that they don’t deliver satisfactory results or things do not merely work like that. However, it’s still possible to reads someone’s text messages without their phone by using a spy app that is designed for this specific purpose.

Among all available spy apps, Chamspy is the best choice as it provides you with an easy and effective solution to read text messages. This application is compact and works in stealth mode, performing all the tasks for you. It allows you to read all incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted ones. You’ll be able to access time, number, name. Other than that, you can view multimedia files like photos and videos.



It’s not just enough to know who your child or employee is chatting with. It’s also important to keep an eye on activities on social media. This application enables you to monitor text messages, group chat and other relevant data on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and other platforms. If inappropriate keywords are used on target phone, you will receive an instant alert. Therefore, you can ensure that your child is not chatting with dangerous people or your employee is working properly.

To avail the benefits of Chamspy, you should follow the below instructions. This app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.x up to 10.x. it require one-time access to target phone.

Step 1. Select the subscription plan and proceed with purchase

Step 2. Receive an email with the login and password to your personal control panel, log in to your panel and follow the installation instructions

Step 3. Launch the target device’s browser, type in the link for downloading Chamspy and continue with the installation

Step 4. Log in to your Chamspy control panel and start reading text messages

On the contrary, no download is needed for iOS users. Chamspy is compatible with all iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.4x up to 12.4x. Here is a simple guide to monitor text messages on iOS devices:

Step 1. Register your account with email,

Step 2. Add the iCloud details of target device and disable the two-factor authentication.

Step 3. Log into your account on any browser and start reading text messages.

Why choose Chamspy to read someone’s text messages?


Chamspy is a phone spy app well-designed for your needs. It can be used to monitor text messages without being detected. Not only can it provide you with message on target phone, but it can also offer more than 30 other features. It’s capable of monitoring calls, location, photos, videos, app, games, browsing history, calendar activities, etc. Moreover, it comes with a 7-day free trial for the first attempt. You can give it a try and see how it can work for you. More importantly, user’s data are highly encrypted to protect them from being leaked.





Tracking someone’s text messages serves the purposes of ensuring our family’s security and protecting company privacy. Spy app like Chamspy makes it possible and easy to read someone’s text messages without their phone. No doubt remains in your head and it gives you peace of mind.

chamspy app

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