How to set up parental control on Android?

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It’s not uncommon that younger generation have their own smartphones and utilize these gadgets to handle daily activities. Before you hand over the smartphone to a restless child, it’s essential to set up parental control on his/her phone as dangers lurk on the internet. As a parent, it’s our responsibility to protect our child’s innocence. Here, we will introduce three ways to set up parental control on Android to protect children from online threats. Let’s check them out in details.


Create restricted profile


Many devices require a main user account, and Android devices are no exception. You can set yourself as the primer user and create restricted account for your children. Here is a simple guide to create restricted profile.

Step 1. Open the Settings on your child’s phone

Step 2. Scroll down and tap Users

Step 3. Tap Add User and select Restricted Profile



Step 4. Tap the settings gear icon next to the new profile

Step 5. Tap the new profile and give it a name

Step 6. Toggle on the apps you wish to allow your kids to use

Step 7. Tap the back arrow to go back to profiles list and select the new restricted profile you set up. This will switch the user from your account to the new profile and finish setting it up.


Utilize parental control app


Parental control app is one of the most effective way to manage and control what your children do and see on the phone. Several options are available in the market but our first pick is Chamspy as it is considered as the most advanced Android parental control solution for keeping your child safe online. You’ll be asked to register your Chamspy account with email and install the app on target device following the instructions. After installation, you need to log into your Chamspy control panel and start controlling your child’s device usage and monitor their phone activities.

It is available for the best thing about Chamspy is its stealth mode. This application stays hidden on target device without triggering any notification. Parents can set up parental control on target Android device without being found. Here are some advanced features that Chamspy offer you:



  • Track live location along with location time, address, latitude and longitude
  • Set geofence for target phone and receive alert if your child enters or exits target area
  • Monitor all activities on messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
  • Access installed apps and block certain apps
  • Check call logs and block unwanted calls
  • Look through browser history
  • Keep track of every stroke on target device
  • Create your alert keywords to get notified if inappropriate keywords are used on target phone

These are just a glimpse of features Chamspy can offer. You can gain complete control over the child’s target device and manage what they do on the internet. It comes with a 7-day free trial for you to try out. You can download and explore its more advanced features.


Use Play Store


Play Store app has built-in parental control option while many people may not be aware of it. Parents can set up parental controls on the Play Store to prevent their children from downloading and installing inappropriate apps on their Android phone. Just launch the Play Store, click on the menu button and select Settings to go to parental controls.



By default, parental controls are turned off. You can notice three options for setting content restrictions under the toggle switch. When you turn on parental controls, it will require you to create a secure pin to change these settings in the future.

Now you can tap the highest maturity rating you want to allow and select Save. This method allows you to restrict apps and games, movies, music, files and other media that can be downloaded to the device.


Why is parental control app the best choice?


The most effective way to set up parental control on Android is utilize parental control app. It’s more of a preventive tool to prevent children from online threats and being addicted to cell phone.


Prevent online threats


It catches information you want on target device and identify potential dangers. Children are likely to receive mean comments, messages and posts while parents can check their phone activities and prevent them from online threats like cyberbullying, sexual harassment, phishing, etc.


Use phone properly


This applications is capable of setting time limits and blocking certain apps. It can prevent excessive use of phone, prevent addiction and guide children to use phone properly.


Data security


Data security is Chasmspy’s top priority. User’s data remains completed safe and highly encrypted to prevent them from being leaked.




With dangers lurking everywhere, it’s important for parents to set up parental control on child’s Android device. Providing children with a safer digital environment by utilizing parental control app will ensure healthy growth and protect them from online threats.

chamspy app

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