How to track internet history on kid’s phone?

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We live in an age where the internet controls almost every aspect of our lives. Both kids and adults use the internet to get information on a daily basis but are not aware of its potential risks. Considering its potential risk, we would like to make you aware of some effective ways to track internet history on kid’s phone and keep them safe online. Scroll down the blog and find out how to track browsing history.

track internet history on kid’s phone

Why parents need to track internet history?

The rapid development of the internet is adding increasingly dangerous, offensive or hazardous sites that your kids might come across. Chances are that kids can access to the internet to deviant or violent sexual content that can influence their future conception of sexuality. Moreover, the anonymous nature of the internet makes kids feel free to commit acts that they would not dare to consider in real life.

On the other hand, some kids easily trust strangers and they can be targeted by online predators, scammers or bullies. It’s quite dangerous for parents to leave kids unsupervised on the internet. Thus, parents should track kid’s internet history and protect them from online threats.

How to track browsing history on kid’s phone?

when it comes to track browsing history, various options are available. You can either use wireless router or third-party software to find out which websites are being visited by your kids. Both  of them can satisfy your needs of tracking internet usage. Let’s chek them out.

Use Wireless router

The first method you can employ is use wireless router. You can easily find out which websites are being visited through the router. However, steps may vary depending on the make and model of the router you’re using. To track internet history using wireless router, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch the internet browser on your computer and type in your IP address. You can find this by referring to the manual of your router.

Step 2. On the dashboard of your router, sign in using your admin credentials. These can be found in your manual or on the base of your device. You can also change the password as per your choice to prevent your kids from accessing the router data.

Step 3. On the homepage of router dashboard, find the log settings, activity history or Wi-Fi history viewer option.

Use Wireless router

If you’re using a NetGear router, you can use the wifi history viewer settings to find the router history in the Logs section on the left-hand side. However, if you’re using a Linksys router, you’ll need to make sure the logging option is enabled. It will activate the View setting for seeing the browser history.

Step 3. Find the log settings, activity history or Wi-Fi history viewer options. A list of URLs being accessed at present or in the past by users will be displayed on your router.

Utilize browsing history tracker

There are plenty of internet history tracking software that help track kids’ internet usage and gain insight into their surfing protocols. However, most focus on blocking certain websites and does not have the tools to protect your kids properly. That’s where Chamspy comes in.

Chamspy is an all-inclusive and reliable browsing history tracker that enables you to keep an eye on your kid’s activities and what she/he browses on the internet. You can easily check whether your kid is exposed to harmful websites and thus you can take some measures in time. Some of the key features that Chamspy can provide you includes:

  • Track browsing history in real-time
  • Read a detailed overview about a person’s internet usage
  • Get details like URLs, visit frequency, last visit time, bookmarks
  • Get access to deleted browsing history
  • Access shared messages and search phrases by keylogger
  • Create your alert keywords to get notified

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In particular, this browsing history tracker works in stealth mode without triggering any notification. It doesn’t drain much battery or slow down the phone. You can make use of this app without being found. Plus, it highly encrypt user’s data and protects them from being leaked.

This powerful tool works with all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.x and above. All you need to do is register your Chamspy account with email and install it on target device following the instruction. Finally, log into your account and start tracking internet history.


The above methods are really productive in their ways. After the careful review, our recommendation is Chamspy browsing history tracker. It provides you with a simple and secret way to track internet history on kid’s phone. You can identify potential dangers and protect your kids properly.

chamspy app

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