The Best Online iSpy Game by Far!

Play iSpy online with any camera or smart phone. There are hundreds of different treasure hunt games to play. Compete in groups against friends or play against the whole world and complete as many 'Public Missions' as you can.

Set up your own I Spy Missions, and invite your friends to compete against you. Ideal for;

School Trips, The Zoo, Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunt Ideas, Cubs, Scouts, Guides and Brownies, Events, Clubs and Societies, Day Trips, Museum Visits, Holidays, Stag parties and Hen Do's as well as for increasing engagement online with Brands & Organisations and much more...

You can make your Viespy missions as easy or difficult as you wish.... you are in total control.... The only limit is your imagination....

Viespy - The Online I Spy Game!!

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Learn How To Play Viespy Online

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Popular Missions

types of dog mission in the garden treasure hunt
on the street scavenger hunts number plates searching
around the home activities at the zoo - things to do
spot these car colours in the office - you should be working!
Sport mission 1 trees in the uk - spot these types of tree


Free iSpy Games, Activities & Treasure Hunts For Big Kids

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