Easy Ways to Find Someone on WhatsApp 2022

Being one of the most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp continues to grow in its users. This application enables users to exchange information, share photos and doocuments privately. While this program provides good security measures, there are still ways to find someone through WhatsApp. Some are built into WhatsApp, while others involve using command prompt or online tracking service. In the following guide, we’ll introduce you with 3 smart ways to locate someone on WhatsApp.

Official way to find someone on WhatsApp

The most stress-free way to find someone’s location on WhatsApp is the “Share location” feature. It enables you to share your location in both one-on-one messages and group chats, and vice versa. Once the person accepts your location request, you can check the real-time locatiom immediately. It can help to coordinate group events or meet-ups. Before you use this feature, you need to enable location permissions for WhatsApp. Once done, you can follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Initiate a new chat with the target person
  • Tap the “paperclip” icon on the right side of text field
  • Tap the “location” icon and allow WhatsApp to access your phone’s location
  • A map will appear, tap the “share live location” button. You will see a warning informing you that all participants will see your location

  • Select the period over which you’d like to share your location
  • Tap ‘Send’. The location sharing feature can track WhatsApp user location in real-time.

Everyone in the conversation can see your whereabouts on the map during the share period. Since you have shared your own location, you can request the other’s location. If they do, their name will appear on the same map.

Easy trick to locate someone through WhatsApp

If you want to find someone’s phone location without them knowing, jump to the third-party solution directly. There are numerous location tracking apps or services, but we recommend TrackPhone. This phone number tracker allows you to locate someone by phone number, even if the person is not your WhatsApp contact. It supports both Android and iOS devices and you don’t need to worry about cross-platform compatibility. It saves you a lot of trouble and with only three simple steps, you can locate someone on WhatsApp:

  • Go to its official website
  • Enter the phone number you wish to track and the email to receive the result
  • Click “start geolocation”

Professional knowledge is not required to use this service. Once the process is completed, its powerful system will activate the GPS tracking system to offer accurate geographic location. It displays the location in the form of map, which can drag down to street level. You can gain access to detailed information including street name, city, zip and timestamp.

Technical way to track someone’s location on WhatsApp

Another way to track someone’s WhatsApp location is to utilize command prompt feature on your computer. It only works for the online version of WhatsApp but it is highly effective. Follow the steps to track down someone:

  • Launch WhatsApp web on your computer
  • Start a chat with the person you wish to track
  • Close all other apps, programs, and processes that might be running on your computer as they might interfere with the tracking process.
  • On your keyboard, hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the Task Manager.
  • Hit Win +R to open the “Run” function. Type in “cmd” on the field and then press enter to launch the Command prompt
  • Type in “netstat-an” and then hit enter. Write down the IP address that appears.
  • You can then go to http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/ and enter the IP address to determine its approximate location.

When to find someone on WhatsApp?

Depending on your situation, the ideal method for tracking WhatsApp user location will not be the same. If you want to locate a friend or partner to help you find them or organize an event, location sharing feature will probably be the best becasue they will have no reason to hide the location from you. But if you suspect your partner is cheating on you or your employee is slacking off during working hours, it’s better to use phone number tracker. It will provide you with the target’s location, without your target realizing it.

Final thoughts

WhatsApp offers a secure way for users to share location with someone else and users can stop location sharing before the designated time period is over. Even if the person isn’t on your WhatsApp contact, you can find someone’s location by phone number or IP address. Phone number tracker is more recommended as it doesn’t require any technical skill. Simply enter the target phone number and get started!