How to Find a lost Android Phone Without a SIM Card?

Do you still remember the days when you can’t use a cell phone just because you don’t have a SIM card? Without a SIM card, it will be hard to send text messages, make phone calls, or connect the mobile device to the internet. These days, with the advancement of digital technology and smartphones, we can conduct a variety of tasks without the need for a SIM card, such as tracking a lost phone.

If you want to find a lost Android phone, but you don’t have a SIM card, then, this article will teach how you can track a lost Android phone without a SIM card by the following steps.

Is It Possible to Track a Phone Without a SIM Card?

Well, the simple answer is yes, you can track without the SIM card. And the process is easy, you can have the job done with or without an internet connection and you don’t need to install or download any special software. However, you need to make sure that the device has connected to the Wi-Fi network so that you will be able to track a phone without a SIM card.

One of the simplest ways to track a phone is by using third-party tracking apps. There are several applications that you can easily locate to help with tracking your phone location like Find My Phone from Apple Store and Lookout from Android apps.

What Is Phone Tracking?

As the name shows, phone tracking is the process of following a person’s physical location and viewing their current movements on a map. Phone tracking can be used in 3 main ways: They are GPS, mobile data, or when the data was sent to the other devices and apps.

SIM card for tracking the location of a mobile device by finding out where the last connected to cell towers or Wi-Fi networks. This method works best when you are sure that the device or the individual may have switched off their mobile phone or Wi-Fi.

On top of that, since the SIM cards are removable, if someone tries to take out the SIM card from a lost or stolen Android device, then there will have some serious troubles. So, when it comes to locating a lost phone without a SIM card, what should you do?

How To Track Android Phones Without a SIM Card?

Don’t worry, although it can be difficult to do so at first, once you have the right tool like Google Maps and Find My Phone, tracking a phone without the SIM card is easy. As long as your device has signals, you can use these two features to locate it on the map. But, you will need another data-enabled phone or computer for this method to work. First and foremost, simply set up and enable the “Find my phone” option on Android settings before you start tracking.

What Should You Do If You Have Lost Phone?

In case your phone got lost or stolen, you should then immediately call your phone carrier and ask them to suspend the service of the phone. By doing so, it will greatly prevent anyone from making unauthorized or using data on the device. In addition to calling the phone carrier customer service, if possible, lock your phone using any third-party apps as well. More than these, if you have noted down the IMEI number of the lost or stolen device, you can use it to request an emergency block if needed.

Can You Track a Phone With Just The Number?

The short answer is Yes. To track a phone with just the number, there are two main ways: They are phone number tracker apps and reverse phone lookup tools. The former apps are designed to track a lost device through the number as long as the device is on and connects to the internet, Wi-Fi networks, or cellular data. While the latter allows the users to search for information like name and address associated with a phone number. For a hassle-free option to locate a phone, please come and visit our homepage to unlock more useful features here!


Now, we believe that you have found the answer to “How to track a lost Android phone without a SIM card? “. You can try the mentioned above simple methods to find a phone without the need for a SIM card. However, if you want to track a lost phone effectively and quickly, we recommend you use the Viespy best phone number tracker!