How To Find Someone On Whatsapp At Any Time?

The proliferation of social media platforms has been under the spotlight. On one hand, we might complain that modern technology has resulted in less and less face-to-face time and estrangement between people. On the other hand, however, it also narrows the distance between us, for it has connected us closer via instant information exchanges, real-time video calls as well as location sharing. We can track someone’s location in real time, enabling us to feel that we are accompanying our family and friends. Whatsapp is one of the common communication tools between us and friends, where we can also track phone location of our friends easily! Let’s see how we can find someone on Whatsapp with just a phone number!

How can we find someone on Whatsapp?

There are always moments when we are seeking peace of mind from knowing the whereabouts of our family and friends. As Whatsapp goes beyond a communication tool, we can also locate a cell phone through Whatsapp, where we can enjoy connections with our loved ones.

Way 1: Using the inbuilt feature of Whatsapp

It is easy for us to track someone on Whatsapp by the virtue of its built-in feature. We can find it easy to pinpoint the location of our family on Whatsapp. Let’s try it under the guidance of the following section:

  1. Click into a chat or family group chat on Whatsapp
  2. Tap on the “Attach file” option
  3. Tab on “Location”, and then choose “Share live location”
  4. Select the time duration to share the location and tap “Send”. ( You can choose to share the location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or eight hours)

Above four steps can send a request to the chat, which can be an entry for our family or a specific friend to see the exact location. However, what we should note is that we should arrive at a consensus with the target before we are going to share the location with him. Otherwise, he can decline the location sharing request at any time. Another problem is that once the time duration expires, you will lose access to track someone’s location on Whatsapp.

Way 2: Using Google Maps

Google Maps is a comprehensive app that is filled with a wide range of location services including location tracking across different platforms. Therefore, we can surely track phone location on Whatsapp through the link of Google Maps. Here is the step-by-step procedure for you:

  1. Open the Google Maps app
  2. Click on your profile at the right top corner
  3. Click on ‘Location sharing” and choose how long you want to share location with your friends and family (You can choose to share your live location infinitely, but then you can just share the link only via message)
  4. Choose Whatsapp at the bottom of your screen, the app will send an invite link to Whatsapp

Our location can be available on Whatsapp via the link. However, the problem is similar to the first method, we can’t view the phone location anymore once the time duration is over. Therefore, it might be a tedious process for us to track a cell phone in this way!

How can we track someone on WhatsApp at any time?

We can infer from the above section that we might be restricted by the time limitation when we want to pinpoint the phone location on Whatsapp. A phone number tracker can be your great alternative when it comes to tracking someone’s location on Whatsapp. A mobile phone number can be the only secret for us to track someone via a real-time phone number locator. This can be a way to help us pinpoint one’s exact location on a digital map via a phone number at any time and place. Let’s see more highlights of an online phone locator.

  1. Zero effort to track a cell phone via phone number. We can trace someone’s location via phone number with a few clicks online.
  2. Visible and hassle-free user experience. We can view someone’s location on a digital map explicitly, and if there are any problems to be solved, the experts will give an instant response to us.
  3. Accurate and guaranteed location result. With a phone number typed in the search bar, you will be able to track a phone successfully. We won’t get rejection from the target. (Note: we should gain the prior consent of the target)
  4. Hidden phone tracking. Some phone number locators like Viespy can be anonymous trackers, helping you to track phone location without letting others know.
  5. Great workability on all mobile brands, models, carriers, and platforms. We can locate any phone on multi platforms.
  6. Unrestricted regions. We can track anyone at any time no matter where he is. However, just make sure you are tracking phone number in a region where the location tracking is legal.

Apart from the above highlights, the reasons why you should choose a phone number tracker include the ease to get geolocation results.

  1. Type the phone number you want to track
  2. Make a secure payment
  3. Enter the phone number you want to receive the result
  4. You will be good to receive the result in seconds

With a phone number tracker, no longer will us experience the depression of being unable to know the location of our loved ones!

Final words:

The post has shared the common ways with you about finding someone on Whatsapp. All we want is to help you relieve the anxiety about your family and friends. Therefore, just choose the quickest and most effective way to free yourself from an anxious status.