How To Find Your Friend‘s Location By Using Google Maps

Modern life moves fast, which prompts more people to relax with their friends at weekend. However, you might be annoyed at the crowd when you are meeting up with your friends. At this moment, you might find out a way to find your friend’s location in a sea of faces. Call your friends for getting his real-time location? Send a message and wait for their response to the location request? Have you ever thought about virtual “eyes” that help you track your friend’s location? Sound wired and horrible? Just take it easy! The magic can be location tracking service. Google Maps is one of the best location tracking providers that can help you find your friends for free. Let’s have a glance at the tool!

How to track your friend on Google Maps?

As location tracking is becoming more and more ubiquitous and popular among the young generation, Google Maps also launched its new location tracking feature, allowing you to find your friends’ location on the map. Have the feature enabled, your friends must get their permission to location sharing option on Google Maps. Once your friends have enabled the option, you will be able to find their location on Google Maps. Here is the way for you:

  1. Enter Google Maps on your cell phone
  2. Tap your account profile at the top right of the screen
  3. Tap “Location sharing”
  4. You are prompted to the list showing who is currently sharing their location with you.

To see your friend’s precise location, you can tap on the entry and the map will zoom into his position for you.

Another way for you to track someone using Google Maps on a web page is essentially the same as on the app. Start Google Maps in a browser and then click the three horizontal lines at the top left corner. Then, you can click “Location sharing” to see the location of your friends.

How to enable location sharing on Google Maps?

Supported by advanced location tracking features, Google Maps also provide you with an alternative to let you track your friend’s location effortlessly. This easy and quick way frees you from finding the location on the general map. Instead, you can request your friend to opt for the location sharing feature individually. Let’s have a look at this magical way here:

  1. Enter Google Maps on your iPhone or Android
  2. Tap your account avatar at the top right of the screen.
  3. A pop-up menu will appear and you should click in “Location Sharing“
  4. Choose the contact you want to share your location with and set the time duration ( Select how long to share, you can choose “Until you manually turn off location sharing)
  5.  Choose the messaging apps you want to share your location through, and then tap” Share”

Goole Maps will then send a shared link through the select messaging platform. Once your friend has clicked in the link, both of you can track the location of each other. In this way, you can track the real-time location of your friend, which enables you to find his location quickly.

The best alternative of Google Maps—Viespy

Google Maps requires the prior permission of your friends for location tracking. In addition, Google Maps will notify your friend when you are tracking his current location. Thanks to modern technology, you have another perfect solution for location tracking now. A phone number is what you need for knowing your friend’s location. Phone number trackers like Viespy can be your great assistants in finding your friend’s location. Apart from the ease of use, location tracking on phone number tracker like Viespy boast various spotlights:

  1. Read-time location tracking, enabling you to keep a tab on the movements of your loved ones.
  2. 100% anonymity, allowing you to track anyone by phone number with hidden status.
  3. Complete safety. The tool won’t store any of your information, and you can utilize the tracking feature safely.
  4. Technical support around the clock. We value high effectiveness in operation including efficient problem resolution.
  5. Skip app requirement. You can just track phone location online without any app installation.

Viespy is always pursuing to be the most robust phone locator by number in the market. Devotion to high-quality service has accumulated a large number of fans around the world. If you are searching for a proven way to track someone without much effort, you should definitely grasp the chance to join us now!

The End:

The post has shared with you on how you can find the location of your friends in daily life. You can choose the most satisfying one according to your needs. Also, if you have any other ideas, just leave your ideas on the below bar!