How To Locate Your Boyfriend By Phone Number?

In fairy tales, love inspires you to be noble and courageous. Indeed, you will feel lucky about loving someone and being loved by someone. However, in our daily life, it is normal that we will be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Therefore, you will be afraid that your partner will leave you one day, and you desire to confirm his loyalty to the relationship. You will always wonder where he is and what he is up to when you are apart from each other. You are not alone, for a great number of advanced tools can help you locate your boyfriend without his acknowledgment. Just navigate thorough the post, and get to know how to locate someone without letting him know!

Why should you locate your boyfriend?

There are moments when you want to track the exact location of someone, in particular your loved ones like your boyfriend. Here we will unfold some commonly-seen reasons for you:

  1. Gain a sense of security. When you are in a relationship, you want to gain a sense of being loved, which can ensure you precious peace of mind and a sense of security. Knowing the location of your boyfriend can make sure that he doesn’t try to hide anything from me. He is honest with you about where he is going.
  2. Catch a cheating partner. Someone including your loved one will lie to you if he doesn’t want to let you know something. For example, he will frequently tell you that he needs to work overtime instead of dating you. However, the truth might be that he has cheated on you. There is no denying that mutual trust is the cornerstone of an intimate relationship, but if you have spotted some unusual signs of your boyfriend, you should be prudent, for the signs might be the alarms of your relationship.
  3. For personal security. Everyone cares much about the security of loved ones. Tracking someone in real time can help you find one’s exact location at the maximum speed, thus guaranteeing you a peaceful mind. You can make sure that they are safe. In addition, you can have a quick response if they are trapped in an emergency.

Reasons to track down the location of someone vary, but you should keep in mind that you should track someone in a legally accepted way—You should gain his prior approval. Now that we have concluded the common reasons, how?

How can you locate your boyfriend by phone number?

In the modern era, locating someone no longer stays in your imagination. Instead, it has been a handy thing in daily life with the wide use of cell phones. When it comes to locating someone’s location, Google’s Find My Device and iOS’s Find My iPhone might emerge immediately in your mind. However, you are required to know the account credentials of your target if you want to track someone. Are there any ways that can let you locate someone’s location by phone number? Surely yes! Here are some top-listed tools!

Tool 1: Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Track By Number is an Android location tracking application that can allow you to track a cell phone by phone number and get access to location history. It is popular among users on the account of its claimed high accuracy. The application can display the exact location of your boyfriend on a digital map. Although it is free to activate the service, you should note that the application can just be workable on iOS devices. Therefore, it might be not so friendly to Android users. Here are the main features of the service:

  1. Real-time location updates
  2. Instant notifications
  3. Location history

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS

Tool 2: Phone GPS Tracker

Phone GPS tracker is a free cell phone tracker application that enables you to keep track of a cell phone via GPS positioning technology. The multifunctional GPS tracker allows you to track a cell phone for free. You can also check the location history of your boyfriend. However, sole dependence on GPS might result in inferior performance on location tracking. Therefore, some users are complaining about the accuracy of the tracker. At the same time, the Phone GPS tracker can just be downloaded on Google Play, which manifests that it can just work on Android devices. Major features include:

  1. Online mobile phone tracking
  2. Geofence
  3. Tracking alerts
  4. Tailored tracking interval

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Andriod

Tool 3: Viespy

Viespy is an easy-to-use online phone number tracker that allows you to connect with your loved ones in less than 5 seconds. The clutter-free interface of the phone number tracker enables you to track your boyfriend by phone number without any hindrance. Steps for you to enable the location service:

  1. Key in the phone number of your boyfriend
  2. Be a member of Viespy
  3. Type in your cell phone number for receiving geolocation results
  4. Click into the message to check the location information of your boyfriend

The flexible phone locator can work on any phone irrespective of mobile brands, carriers, and platforms. Additionally, you can track phone number online without any installation of application. Therefore, it is more user-considerate and easy-to-use. Tracking a cell phone in an undetectable status can be another highlight of the tool, which means that your boyfriend will nothing about your tracking.

Cost: $0.99 trial period

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Wrapped up:

It can’t be much easier for you to locate your boyfriend in the digital era. However, you should note that you should still keep mutual respect and understanding in your relationship. Tracking him can just be an auxiliary tool for you to maintain your relationship. The root lies in integrity and mutual communication.