Legal considerations regarding GPS tracking of individuals

Tracking someone’s location is necessary under some circumstances, either because of suspicions in a love relationship, because you want kids safe and sound in the outside world, or because you want to ensure if employees are working properly. Thanks to the modern technology, you can track someone’s location with a few simple clicks, without resorting to private detectives. However, the question is, is it legal to track someone’s location? Though there are ambiguities in existing laws around GPS trace, you can legally track someone if some criteria are met.

When is it legal to GPS track someone’s location?

Though there is a handful of GPS location trackers available on the market, one should have legitimate reasons to track someone’s location. Any illegal mobile tracking is considered offensive as well as disgusting activity. Under some situations, it’s completely legal to track someone’s cell phone.

Track what you own

If you have the ownership over the items such as smartphone, car, key and pet, you could have the right to track where it goes. It’s absolutely legal to track your cell phone if you have lost or misplaced it in the restaurant. Another situation is that someone used your cell phone without consent or it might be stolen, that’s your right to retrieve your precious device. You’re not breaching the privacy of any third party.

Track your underage kids

If your children are active in adventurous outdoor activities or they explore the world fearlessly, it’s advisable to use a mobile tracker to keep track GPS location of your kids. Such act is considered as a protective measure to keep kids safe and connected.

Locate your employees

It’s no secret that some companies use GPS location tracker to trace the whereabouts of their employees. Keeping track GPS location of employees is legitimate if the activity is mentioned in the written policy of the company and acknowledged by the employees. Moreover, companies are only limited to track the work phones of their resources during office hours.

Is it legal to track someone without them knowing?

Unless you manage to get prior consent of someone, you cannot legally track someone by GPS, but you can track your kids for their safety. If you own the cell phone or the vehicle they use,  this would be an exception. Even police and the government are legally limited, though they have more right to track or locate someone than you do as a citizen.

How to legally track cell phone of someone?

We’re living in a world where all remote conversations between people can be carried out using a smartphone, making it easier to keep track of all activities we do with our cell phones. As such, one can either locate a cell phone using GPS or obtain someone’s location through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

A case in point is TrackPhone, which works as a GPS phone tracker as well as phone number tracker. It can be used by parents to locate their underage kids, by business owners to trace their employees remotely. Individuals also can employ it to track a lost or stolen cell phone. This powerful tool works with GPS tracking system to enhance location accuracy and you can track someone’s cell phone location in seconds.

It doesn’t require physical access to target device or installation of any special apps. You just need to visit its official website and enter the phone number in the dedicated field, then click “start geolocation” to perform location tracking. If the GPS is activated, you’ll get the current location of someone. Otherwise, it will show you the last known location.

We only recommend tracking someone’s location if you have good reasons for doing so, that is, you want to track your loved ones for their safety. Or you need to find out where your lost or stolen phone is.

Final thoughts

Before you carry out location tracking process, you should make sure you have the legitimate reasons to track someone’s location. You have the right to locate your little ones remotely to ensure their safety, or you can track the work phones and have them acknowledged. If you want to identify an individual’s location, a cell phone tracker would be the best solution for you.