Several Apps to help us find our gadgets

Our devices have attached great importance to our daily life. We rely on our phones or tablets so much that we will feel naked when we find our gadgets lost. Advanced technology has opened up more new channels for us to find our lost phones. Here are several Apps to help us locate our gadgets. Let’s dive into them!

For Apple: Find my Apple/Ipad/Mac

Apple figures out its own way to keep its devices safe, so it has built a phone and tablet tracker named Find My Apple/Ipad/Mac into IOS system, which allows us to locate our devices through this build-in tracker. With this build-in location tracker, you can view the current location of your lost Apple gadgets. Steps to use Find my Apple/Ipad/Mac:

  • Open Settings and enter your Apple ID at the top.
  • Pick your device and select Find My iPhone (or Find My iPad) to pick up the feature.
  • If you use a computer, just open System Preferences and click iCloud. Then tick the Find My Mac box. In this process, Apple may require you to sign in with your Apple ID credentials, so you should make sure that you have kept your password in mind.

It is very convenient and quick for us to find our lost Apple gadgets, especially if we have updated IOS 15. The updated system has improved a lot and it allows us to detect our devices even if they are offline. The current location of the device will be presented to us.

For Android: Find my Device

Like Apple, Google has also developed its device-locating tool, called Find My Device on Android. To use Find my Device, we need open Settings and tap Security & location and turn the feature on, so that Find my Device can start locating your Android devices.  Steps to access Find my Device:

  • Set up Find My Device: Go to Settings > Google > Google Account > Security & Location.
  • Turn on Find My Device. To use Find My Device, go to and log in to our Google account.
  • The real-time location of your Android device can be displayed on your phone. Then, you can choose to Play sound, Secure Device and so on.

Above we have talked about the ways to trace our lost devices for Apple and Android. But how can trace the location of our device if we neither use Apple and Android. For example, if we use Samsung, what should we do?

For Samsung: Find my Mobile

Samsung has also launched its location-tracking software called Find My Mobile. It work similarly like Find my Apple and Find my Device. To activate Find my Device, we can follow the several steps:

  • Create our own Samsung account.
  • Empower the tracker by opening Settings, tapping Lock screen and security, and then choosing Find My Mobile.
  • On this menu, make sure to switch on the Remote control so that you can operate your phone or tablet from another device.

Then we can log in Find my Phone by entering Samsung credential, then we can get the current location of our lost Samsung.  Like the other tracker apps, we can ring your device even if it’s in quiet mode, lock it so nobody else will be able to unlock it. We can also choose to wipe it date remotely if we think that it is impossible to get it back. Here we have introduced three location tracking methods launched by different phone brands. Are there are any cellphone tracker can help us locate our cellphone regardless of mobile brands and models? Here we provide you with a hassle-free way to track down our lost gadgets. Here comes Trackphone.

For any mobile brands: Trackphone

Trackphone is developed to resolve all the troubles about tracing our devices. Phone number is required and then you can locate and find out any phone location without a need for downloading any softwares. Trackphone is committed to offering seamless user experience through its simple and concise interface. There is no need for us to worry about leaking our personal information for its protection for our identity. It is undoubtedly an affordable way for us to trace our lost phone by Trackphone. Steps to access Trackphone:

  • Enter the phone number you wish to geolocate
  • Make the payment by our credit card
  • Provide your phone number to receive geolocation number
  • Ready to receive the notification of the real-time location of the target phone

Trackphone can provide you with potential applications apart from tracking your lost gadgets, it can also notify you the real-location of your kids and spouses by entering their phone number without their knowledge. Therefore, Trackphone can be our great helper in this modern world for its powerful features.

Final thoughts:

Trackphone is seen as one of the most robust cellphone location trackers, which can deliver you guaranteed results with an affordable price. Just come and experience Trackphone!